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September 20th, 2020 Zoom meeting

It will be our privilege to have a presentation by Dave Sandage, Astronomer. When I mentioned his name as to this presentation a few weeks ago on one of Chapter 135's Zoom meetings, the question was asked "THE Dave Sandage?" That question might give you an idea of the elevated and lofty standards that the mere mention of his name brings to mind. Tune in to see the legend himself and his presentation, to wit:

The very first timekeepers used by humans were the apparent motions of the sun, moon, and stars through the sky.  From simple shadow clocks to the calibration of precision pendulums, the sky has provided reliable and universal access to timekeeping.  This talk will explore the history of astronomical timekeeping, some of the science behind the movements of the solar system, and finally a look at where astronomy fits into precision timekeeping today.

2pm is when Zoom opens the door for us on Sunday, we'll wait a few minutes for the stragglers, then Dave gets to do the honors. All of this mere days away from the Autumnal Equinox, the excitement builds! As well as the skies clearing of smoke, rain on the just doesn't get much better than this. Use the link that follows.

Also sending a link to Chapter 135's meeting that starts an hour before Dave's presentation, for those that want to see what our Northern neighbors are doing.

Clock Repair Class: Steve Lobel says the first class will be this Tuesday. If you are new and want to sign up, don't tarry, there are COVID restrictions as to number of students. Page 14 on this link to the West Linn Parks and Recreation .pdf tells about it, register online.

Need help navigating their website? Give me a jingle.

PLUS: I need to step aside, vacate the Presidency, cut-and-run, however it seems, so that a new President can follow and get on with the lead-up to our Regional next year. (Perhaps two co-Presidents if you and your buddy want to double-team the office? See all the data on our website,, for Officers, Constitution, and Bylaws.) Paul Drake is doing an excellent job at lassoing the responsibility for the Regional, but he will need someone that has more juggling skills than I do to help him. Al Waibel is helping with a theme/presenters. Things are underway, but as always, any assistance that can be given will be much appreciated.

People I want to thank by name:

Steve Lobel - Finding people to do presentations for us.

Harold Baesler - Finding locations for our meetings in the pre-COVID days.

Kris Freiermuth - Making all our Banquets at various times happen. I always look forward to sitting down with fellow enthusiasts for a meal and a chat. These chances to sit down, relax, and enjoy, always seem to end too soon...and are too infrequent?

And a big THANK YOU to all that have put on a presentation for us over the years. You deserve accolades...take a bow!

Any questions, give me a jingle.

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