NAWCC Chapter 31 January 20, 2019 Meeting

We are back in the Beaverton Library, Meeting Room B, 1pm-4pm. 12375 SW 5th St (intersection w/SW Hall Blvd), Beaverton, OR 97005.

  1. 1:00-2:00- Council and committee meeting, 2:00-2:30- MART, 2:30-4:00- Tom Hammond Presentation. 4:00+: Meet for pizza?
  2. At 1pm, I would like to have a council and committee meeting, as the Regional approaches in July, anything that needs to be considered, let's start work on it now.
  3. Past President Jeff Eastwood will tell us about Perpetual Calendar Mechanisms, and how they can be so smart as to account for not only months with their different number of days, but also keep track of, and display correctly, February 29 every four years. He'll have some mechanisms so all the smoke and mirrors they contain will be visible, a veritable peak at the magician behind the curtain.
  4. He also supplied the tip that it may be a short-ish 20-30 minute presentation, so if I may suggest audience members bring something of horological interest, easily portable, that contains the letter "J", J for January! Use your imagination, a small Junghans, an old copy of a Jeweler's Newsletter, a clock or watch book by somebody named Bjorn, aJ anywhere is fair game.

  5. If you don't make the meeting, there is the possibility of a March banquet, the 20th, St Patrick's Day, corned beef and cabbage on the menu? If you would like to have a banquet and attend, we will start to need a plate count, let me know if you will be there. Program in the works, but it looks like a "Before and After" on a shelf clock. (I've seen the case "After", what a difference!)   FLYER



Chapter 31 was granted a charter from the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC), Inc. on May 8, 1959. It is comprised of members mostly residing in the metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon and SW Washington from all walks of life; from blue collar to white collar, and both men and women.

Members of the chapter are bonded together by the love of timekeeping, and associated interest. 

Some Members:

  • Collect Clocks and or Watches
  • Repair Clocks and or Watches as a Hobby
  • Repair and or restore their Collection
  • Repair Clocks and or Watches for a Living or Extra Income                                                           

Chapter 31 supports

  • Education
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Networking
  • Fellowship

Come join us in our timeless, lifelong journey!

Are you interested in becoming a Member of Chapter 31? We cordially invite you to join the Pacific Northwest Chapter 31. Dues are just $15 per year.   OR, come to a few meetings and see how you like it.

Click here for the Chapter 31 Membership Application.   It's TIME