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Chapter 31 Annual Picnic
When: Sunday, August 9th
Time: 1:00pm--4:30pm
Location: Another Time Restoration,  John and Mary Pohlpeter
 18347-South Redland Rd. Oregon City, OR

Chapter Will Provide:
  --BBQ Meat--Burgers or Chicken
                                       --Soft Drinks / Water
You Bring:  --Plates and utensils
                   --Your favorite Side Dish or Dessert
                   --Camp chairs, portable table if possible (limited tables available)

Mart:  There will be a Mart Table--bring your Mart Items
Meeting:  A brief meeting -- continue distribution of Regional Chair Certificates.

It has been a few years since meeting at Pohlpeters.  
This has been an excellent venue for our Annual Picnic.  The facilities are larger and more has been added to the collection so its time to visit again.

RSVP  to John Pohlpeter-- 503-631-8033// *  Please, by or before August 1st but if you just don't know ahead of time, come anyway



Clock Repair Vector Clipart picture

Nature's Clock says Summer


Chapter 31 was granted a charter from the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC), Inc. on May 8, 1959. It is comprised of members mostly residing in the metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon and SW Washington from all walks of life; from blue collar to white collar, and both men and women.

Members of the chapter are bonded together by the love of timekeeping, and associated interest. 

Some Members:

  • Collect Clocks and or Watches
  • Repair Clocks and or Watches as a Hobby
  • Repair and or restore their Collection
  • Repair Clocks and or Watches for a Living or Extra Income                                                           

Chapter 31 supports

  • Education
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Networking
  • Fellowship

Come join us in our timeless, lifelong journey!

Join Us
Are you interested in becoming a Member of Chapter 31? We cordially invite you to join the Pacific Northwest Chapter 31. Dues are just $15 per year. To be eligible, membership in the NAWCC is required; see the NAWCC web site for more information on NAWCC membership. 
Click here for the Chapter 31 Membership Application.   It's TIME

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