NAWCC Chapter 31 November 18, 2018 Meeting.

WHEN: Sunday, November 18, 2018. 2-4pm

LOCATION: We will be in ROOM 340 in the Griffith Building in Beaverton: 4755 SW Griffith Dr, Beaverton, OR, 97005. 2-4pm (2-2:30 will be Mart time)

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The meeting subject for November (with a nod toward Veterans) will be for attendees to bring...Military Influenced Horology.  This is a subject you'll have wide latitude in, some obvious examples, and from any nation: Ship's chronometers, ship's clocks, wrist- and pocket-watches, aircraft instrument panel clocks, as I said, obvious examples. And if you have a watch or clock that the maker named "Admiral", or was named after a General, or alarm clock named "Reveille", etc., you have just the item to bring!

Now we'll go into some...not so obvious. OG clocks with painted glasses depicting: The bombardment of Fort Sumter, or some General on horseback, or a view of West Point, that sort of thing.

Any questions you have about the Chapter, let me know

Robert Gordon  (503) 777-8020


Chapter 31 was granted a charter from the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC), Inc. on May 8, 1959. It is comprised of members mostly residing in the metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon and SW Washington from all walks of life; from blue collar to white collar, and both men and women.

Members of the chapter are bonded together by the love of timekeeping, and associated interest. 

Some Members:

  • Collect Clocks and or Watches
  • Repair Clocks and or Watches as a Hobby
  • Repair and or restore their Collection
  • Repair Clocks and or Watches for a Living or Extra Income                                                           

Chapter 31 supports

  • Education
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Networking
  • Fellowship

Come join us in our timeless, lifelong journey!

Are you interested in becoming a Member of Chapter 31? We cordially invite you to join the Pacific Northwest Chapter 31. Dues are just $15 per year.   OR, come to a few meetings and see how you like it.

Click here for the Chapter 31 Membership Application.   It's TIME