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June 2017



We have no speaker/presentation for June, but I think we can spend the time usefully in discussing the Regional.  Do feel free to add items for a "bring and discuss" session, or any topics you'd like to talk about. 

We are back in the library! For those at the May 21st meeting, they had moved us, but we are back in our usual room.

On another matter: Dan Miller has been the chapter historian for many years, and is the keeper of a 4 drawer filing cabinet that is owned by the chapter, nearly full of various records of chapter activities and expenditure records. He asked me last year to find a new home for these files as he is no longer able to fill the roll of historian. I have not been able thus far to find a new historian, and Dan has renewed his request for the cabinet and records to be removed. Given how long he has been patiently waiting, I'd like us to move quickly now to remove these records to a new home.

If you are willing to be our new historian, please let me know. I and the rest of the chapter would be grateful.

Barring that, I would like some volunteers to go with me to Dan's house in Aloha after the June meeting to remove the cabinet and files. I'm not sure if a 4 drawer cabinet will fit in my hatchback, so if anyone has a truck or SUV we could use, that would be very helpful.

If we don't have a volunteer for chapter historian, we'll need to distribute a few boxes of papers amongst those willing to store them for  a while. I will take a box or two, but not the entire load. 

Worst case: I'll rent a truck and storage unit (at the chapter's expense) and move the records there. I hope it does not come to that, since it is an expense we can ill afford.

I hope you will consider helping out the chapter in this way; Robert Gordon has expressed willingness to help out (thank you Robert) but a few more folks to take a box or two would be much appreciated, if we don't find a volunteer for historian.

Ultimately, we should sort this material into records we are obliged to keep, for legal or other reasons, and documents that are valuable to the chapter for other reasons, including historical value. I expect a lot can be recycled and the volume reduced.

I have gotten together some information on setting up a 501 (c) (3) non-profit for the M&F clock, but haven’t had time to delve into it as yet. If this regional works with Christine Palmer, our regional expenses will drop to near zero and we will still see some income, so could transfer some or all of that balance into the non-profit. 

Best regards, 

Jeff Eastwood

Next Chapter 31 Meeting:

June meeting on June 18, 2017 at the Beaverton library 12375 SW 5th St, Beaverton, OR 97005. 
We are back in the library! For those at the May 21st meeting, they had moved us, but we are back in our usual room.

Mart is at 2.00pm - Bring your items to sell or your wallet to buy (or both!)
Meeting at 2:30pm




Introduction to Clock Repair- One Day Workshop- R. Lloyd

Ages: 13- Adult

Fascinated with clock and time keeping?  Learn what makes them tick.  This one day class is suited to those with little or no knowledge of clock repair.  It will demonstrate the basic skills with real clocks, movements and all the tools involved in common clock repair problems. Learn more at


This one day class is a perfect introduction to the weekly clock workshop where you bring your own clocks and repair them in class under guidance. 1-hour lunch break. Bag lunch suggested.

Min 3 Max 10

FEE: IC $60/OC $65Materials Fee: $10 for Workbook. Payment directly to instructor at class. Check or Cash. 

9/2/17S9am – 4 pm

Weekly Clock Class starts September 19 on Tuesdays from 7pm to 9.30 pm in West Linn.
I need help from club members to assist in the class.  Please plan on volunteering one week each semester.



erst linn

The next clock repair class will be at:

Stafford Primary School, West Linn,
19875 Southwest Stafford Road, West Linn, OR 97068
Starting September 19, 2017 for 12 weeks
Tuesdays 7pm to 9.30pm
Easy practice clock movements available to work on to help get you started.

Treasurer's report: (thank you David, and a reminder to our other officers to please provide something for the TimeOut each month, by month's end. And, as always, anything anyone in the membership wants to share is always welcome.

Checking Balance $ 1,229.04 Chapter Savings $ 8832.76 Regional Checking $ 16,766.71 PayPal $ 422.98 30 attendees at the Luncheon meeting with: Revenues $ 720.00 Monarch Charges $ (804.53) The difference is due to corkage fee ($70) and gratuity. Also George Matto has not submitted his expenses for wine and incidental expenses. Dues paying members since September — 30 Last year (September to September) we had a total of 52 dues paying members. Dues trickle in over the year. I would like to suggest that each year, we send out a blanket email (and snail mail as appropriate) to everyone who gets the newsletter reminding them to pay dues.