NAWCC Chapter 31 April, 2019 Meeting

WHEN: We are meeting the 2nd Sunday in April, the 14th, NOT the 3rd Sunday. Please put this presentation by Bob Ballenger and George Matto on your calendar for that day. Again, the 2nd Sunday, the 14th. Only about a week away.
WHERE: We will be in the Griffith Building, Room 300, 4755 SW Griffith Dr, Beaverton. Throw a fold-up chair in you car, this room may be low on chairs.
1pm: Stay tuned, there may be a Council meeting at that hour.
2-2:30pm Mart.
2:30 - Bob and George FINALLY get to give their presentation on a clock restoration. They used a special technique and a material that is, Oh, my...INVISIBLE! Well, if it's invisible, how could they work with it? That's the part you'll have to come SEE! No, you won't need special glasses, or any of those weirdo-wavelength lights. But we may have to swear you to secrecy about the...Oh, just show up, this is all done in plain view, they don't even hide anything behind pyrotechnic-generated smoke. (Yeah, that may be a disappointment for some, sorry about that, fire codes and all, but I hear it was AWESOME during the trial run!)
See you in about a week, let me know if you've got questions or suggestions.
Robert Gordon
NAWCC Chapter 31 President
(503) 777-8020

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