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April/May 2012





JUNE 13 -16, 2012 


      The National Convention this year is on the West Coast in Pasadena, California. A major part of the NAWCC membership is in California and the Western States and this provides a venue closer to home for them.  


     Contrary to comments on the NAWCC Message Board we are not sold out. We have been receiving table reservations on a daily basis and will honor them up to the deadline of May 29th. If possible, we will try to have some tables available for On Site Registration Friday, June 15. We advise, however, reserving tables before May 29.
We have many signed up to attend from Australia, the Orient and all across the USA. Watch cases are available for the show and rental information is on our Web Site along with information on the Convention program and schedule.

     We have reserved the renovated Pasadena Convention Center. This is the same venue as the Greater Los Angeles Regional in February of each year and that regional has been attracting 1200 participants for some time. The convention will be in the Exhibit Building and the larger Mart Room. Sales are pushing 600 tables and growing. The Sheraton is the host hotel and is attached to the Center complex. There are many other hotels and motels in the area. Pasadena is an outstanding city that has restored their downtown to how it appeared in the 1930's. The Old Town area is within three blocks of the Convention Center and is extremely busy in the evenings with numerous restaurants and an active street life for after the convention activities. There are Museums, Botanic Gardens, Parks and Historic Buildings and many other Southern California attractions in close proximity in and around Pasadena. 

     We have a good convention planned with Seminars, a National Craft Competition and a fabulous Clock and Watch Display. Additionally there will be an opportunity to attend the annual NAWCC Board meeting, the Old Timers and Fellows Luncheon, the Chapter Representative Reception and the annual Award Banquet. On Saturday only, the show will be open to the general public to educate and encourage new members into the Association. We have been averaging 300 public attendees for the last four years at the Greater Los Angeles Regional.

     If you, your group or your Chapter would like to be listed as a supporting sponsor in our Convention program you may provide a door prize or make a financial contribution to the "2012 National Convention." These may be sent attention: Jim Gilmore, 2909 Raleigh Place, Thousand Oaks, CA. 91360. 

     Volunteers who wish to donate assistance on set up, registration, the auction or other areas are welcome. Please E-Mail Jim at to offer your help.  


     Please plan to attend and meet with your friends, fellow collectors, enthusiasts, and present and future NAWCC members in enjoying the 67th Annual National Convention in friendly Southern California.  


For more information and registration please see: join in the activities!  

The 2012 NAWCC National Convention Committee 

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