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November 2012

Marietta and I missed the October Chapter meeting because we were in China for three weeks in October.  What a great trip, we can highly recommend OAT (Overseas Adventure Travel).  In spite of trying, we did not see much of antique clocks save those displayed in the Forbidden City and a few antique shops.  We saw all the big name locations and even spent three nights in Tibet.  Ironically, upon returning home and while perusing the latest issues of the British publication "Clocks", I learned that Pro Clocks had opened a retail outlet in Tianjin, China.  The ProClocks opening included 90ft string(s) of firecrackers.  Reading about these continuous and noisy explosions reminded me of the firecracker  displays we witnessed during celebrations preceding weddings in China.

On this past Saturday at God Fathers breakfast, Mike King and Kay Henselman related some of the details that we missed at the Chapter meeting.  I got the clear impression that a good number of you stepped up and made presentations about some of the clocks and/or watches that you have acquired.  Once again you have demonstrated by your attendance and participation, the value and worth of our organization--there is always something to contribute or to be learned from each other.

Passing of the Membership Chairman responsibility from John Bailey to Bob Arnold has been accomplished. Thanks to John Bailey for his years of contributing his time to this activity on behalf of Chapter 31.  We welcome back Bob Arnold to our chapter and thanks for taking on the membership responsibility.  While we have had some success in attracting new members, we all need to make them feel welcome and have them looking forward to attending the next chapter meeting.

George Matto
REGIONAL 2013 PLANNING COMMITTEE:  The next meeting of this planning group will be November 11th at the Matto's at 1:30PM.  Plan to report on your progress since the last meeting.  We need to continue to capture all of our planned expenses and match these to our anticipated income.  The details of the auction are coming together under the guidance of Bob Arnold and Mike King is seeking people and topics for the "10-minute University".  Chairpersons comprising the balance of the efforts that result in a successful are working to finalize all details.  Chairmen with space and location concerns at the Monarch should come with potential dates for the purpose of visiting the Monarch as a group to review those issues. 

Chapter 31 Meeting:  November 18, 2012
at the Community Center, Vose Room.  12350  5th Avenue, Suite 100, Beaverton, Oregon
40 parking spaces with additional handicap parking is available. 
2 pm Mart            2:30 pm Meeting

Military Timepieces

Presenters:  George Matto assisted by Terry White
  We will discuss several unique military timing devices:  Ship Clocks, Positioning Time Pieces, Elapsed Time Clock and others .  The presentation will give a general background, describe the contents of the "Military Timepieces", a publication by Marvin E. Whitney.  Please, bring your military time pieces and share your knowledge of this interesting segment of Horology.

The Community Center on 5th street which is the same street used access the library parking lot from SW Hall Blvd.  Turn Right into the parking lot on the far side  of  the of the Community Center. 

Chapter 31 Christmas Party:  December 16, 2012
Monarch Hotel, 12566 S.E. 93rd Ave.  Clackamas, OR  97015
2 pm   Mingle,  Mart table is available.     2:30  Party
Please open Flyer and  Be sure to RSVP by 12/12/2012

You will never “find” time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.
Charles Bruxton

At the last meeting during show and tell a parking meter with internal clockworks was shown. After his presentation I mentioned a thread on the message board which discusses a number of these devices. Here is that thread.  

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.
Michael Altshuler

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