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Leo & Kris Freiermuth


August 2012

It was a beautiful blue-sky day in the Oregon Cascade Mountains where this year’s Chapter 31 Annual Picnic,  was held.  We were invited to picnic on the grounds of Beacham’s Clock Shop in Sisters, Oregon.  Ed and Kathi Beacham hosted the BBQ event while our members provided drinks and dessert.  Under the expert guidance of Ed Beacham, past President Harold Bassler and I flipped burgers on the barbeque for our members and guests.  None of the 40 plus attendees were disappointed with the events of the day including a Mart and visit to the antique fair and sale held in the city park.

At the completion of the Chapter meeting and announcements, Ed guided members through the features of the 600 year old Prague Astronomical Clock as well as the many challenges he had to overcome in making his fully functional replica. We were treated to the presentation Ed had recently made in Prague and just a few weeks prior to our visit, he made in Pasadena at the NAWCC National Conference.  As if building the mechanism weren’t enough, Ed designed and built an elaborately detailed Gothic Tall Case to appropriately  house the mechanism.  The combination of works and case is stunning beyond words.

Ed and Kathi Beacham are Honorary Members of Chapter 31.  We and all Oregonians are fortunate to have the Beachams here in Oregon.  For anyone who knows the Beachams, it would be no surprise to hear that in addition to all Ed and Kathi’s talents they are great hosts and  welcome equally, both old and new friends to their amazing world of clocks.  At the end of his presentation, Ed made the comment that there are several You Tube presentations including an interesting  light show 

As I write this months letter, we are about to start our first meeting dedicated to the planning of the 2013 Pacific Northwest Regional.  See Regional comments elsewhere in this news letter.

In our continued effort to make the public more aware of our Chapter, we are at the point of asking for volunteers to support an information and demo table at the OMSI on the main floor near the registration desk.  Times are flexible but most likely any Friday, Saturday or Sunday for a 3 hour session conducted by two Chapter 31 members.   In Oregon City, Mike King is seeking help in proceeding with repair to the Museum clocks.  Both of these activities will hopefully, attract others to the world of Antique Watches and Clocks.
If interested in learning more about these activities or participating, contact me or Mike King by phone or e-mail.


Chapter 31 Meeting: August 19th 2012 at the Beaverton Library
2 pm Mart,   2:30 pm Meeting.


Wheels and Wheel Cutting:

Presenter: Tom Hammond
Tom will teach wheel cuttings to fix and replace wheels.  A mechanical clock is essentially a timer and a gearbox.  Whether we are making clocks from raw materials or repairing and restoring damaged ones, sooner or later a situation arises where raw materials or repairing and restoring damaged ones, it would be useful if we could make replacement wheels.  To do this, we need to know a little about geometry of wheels and pinions, which Tom will cover at a very basic level.  Then he will show some alternatives for how one might carry out the cutting of a wheel in a relatively modest workshop.  The methods range in complexity and expense from the simplest, using only hand tools, to the the more rapid and precise (and more expensive) approaches with lathe and milling machine setups.

Chapter 31 Meeting: September 16th 2012 at the Beaverton Library
2 pm. Mart,   2:30 pm Meeting.

A Travelogue of European Electric Clocks.

Presenter:  Bob Holmstrom, NAWCC Chapter161    Horological Science
Bob will tell us about the European Electric Clocks with an emphasis on Hipp and Hipp descendants. 

Chapter 31 Meeting: October 21st 2012 at the Beaverton Library
2 pm Mart,   2:30 pm Meeting.

To be Announced next month.  

Chapter 31 Meeting: November 18th 2012 at the Beaverton Library
2 pm Mart,   2:30 pm Meeting.

Military Clocks

Presenters: George Matto assisted by Terry White
We hope you will leave asking more questions by presenting less than you wanted to know and  but more than you already knew about Military Pieces.

Regional Planning Meetings:

Our first planning meeting for the 2013 Pacific Northwest  took place at our residence (George and Marietta Matto).  The September Planning meeting will also be at our home and all Committee Chair persons should be there.  Date: September 9 Future meetings will be just prior to our monthly meetings: 1:30pm, usually at the Beaverton Library.  Our seasoned Regional Committee will continue to  tune their various areas of responsibility resulting the best Regional yet.  All are invited to attend these meetings--this is the perfect opportunity to participate in a supporting role in one of the most important activities of your chapter.  These Regionals are becoming an educational, venue as well as a buy--sell and social event in the Pacific Northwest.


I don’t know how many of you knew Carl Hector – he was a collector in Portland who died a bit ago.  It looks like Carl Hectors clocks will be in the upcoming August 13 to 15th auction at O’Gallerie.  


Here is a link to the auction:  I went to the auction page, and typed in “clock” in the search box, came up with quite a few.


There is also a day auction on August 20th where the rest of the tools and the like are going to be sold.  Check out


Stephen Nelson

No report this month

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