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February 2013

We are one month closer to our Regional and all participants are shifting into high gear to make this the best Regional yet. See Regional Planning below to find out how you can participate.

If you attended the last months Chapter meeting, you witnessed a growth in our membership. In total, we grew by 4 members in January and one having made two godfather’s breakfasts in a row,  He plans to be a regular at our weekly 5am gatherings at Dennys, Washington Square.  Our chapter meetings are featured on Craigs List and at least one new member came through a public notice there thanks to the monthly listing by Stephen Nelson.  From all of us Clock and Watch repair types, our thanks also to Stephen Nelson for his detailed presentation on the merits of and how-to of,burnishing.

VOLUNTEER may not be the best word for those who keep our Chapter going, they are really ”Active Participants” serving in various roles without whom nothing would get done.  Some have gone through the various Chapter positions, given presentations and have come back to serve in some capacity all over again.  This pertains to a good percentage of our membership.  The certificate program initiated at the December meeting will be continued and stepped up to 4 certificates each quarter.  The intent is two-fold: to give further recognition for individual past and current efforts and get the new “watermark certificate” into many deserving hands.  Since National no longer provides certificates this is a local and hopefully, even better alternative.

PUBLIC OUTREACH:  We continue to be in the public view at the Oregon Territorial Museum doing onsite clock repair—thanks to Mike King, Terry White, Dan Miller and others.  The OMSI information and demonstration table affords us another opportunity to meet the public and provide timely information about the NAWCC, Chapter 31 and the May Regional.  Please contact either Mike King or myself if you would like to participate in these events.  Thanks to David Jacobs, Bob Arnold and returning Charlie Schubert for doing the duty on a recent Saturday.  The next opportunity will be in March-dates pending.

NAWCC Membership Reduced Rate:  That’s right take a $35.00 deduction off your renewal of annual dues by recruiting just one new member each year.  Not everyone is interested in joining but it only takes one.

REGIONAL PLANNING:  We will have more positions available for the opportunity to “Red Cap” this year than in the past.  Mark DeAtley will be taking names at the next chapter meetings on a first-come basis or you can call Mark at 503-341-3350.  Please see Regional, below for more details on this years event.

SUGGESTION:  Be a “membership ambassador” for your chapter by going to the Forms Tab and download the chapter 31 Membership form.  You never know when someone will be interested enough to join the Chapter and go on to join the NAWCC.  Who would think that we could find new members at an LA Fitness Spin Class? Stay tuned for the rest of the story. ..
February 17 Beaverton Library-(1:00 Regional Committee meeting) 2:00 Mart 2:30 Presentation by Bob Arnold on renewing the finish on on antique clock cases.  If you have not seen these techniques you will be amazed  at the results.  If you are familiar with Bob's approach you may get some new pointers that will lead to better success on your next project.

March 17 Monarch Hotel-
12:00 pm Council Meeting
1:30 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Mart
2:45 pm Chapter Meeting
--hear about the det
ails of our upcoming Regional including the Live Auction.  As a Chapter 31 member, you will want to have first hand knowledge of the Mart, Public Day and most important, the open to the Public Live Auction.  Armed with this information, we can all help make this Regional most successful.

March 2013 Luncheon Meeting Flyer

April 21 Beaverton Library-
"Dave Busby and Mike King will give a presentation on navigating the NAWCC Website and the Chapter 31 web site respectively.  If you have found a website that you feel would be helpful to other members relating to any aspect of time bring the web address on a card and we will view as many sites as there is interest or time to do.  Share what you have discovered on the World Wide Web."

Regional Planning Meeting: February 17th 1:00 Beaverton Library--prior to the February Chapter meeting.  Thanks to the efforts of Paul Drake, I have posters and flyers for each of us to post in the best possible locations.  Also, under "Forms" above you will find the flyer each of us can print and distribute to other organizations and locations.  Do your part to get the word out.

****Pacific NW Regional & Auction, May 2013****
        Registration Form: Click Here or click on "Forms" above
        Auction Rules: Click Here

Mark your calendars!!  Chapter 53 is planning to host a Multi-Chapter meeting and MART again this April in Connell.  This has always been a fun event to host, and we are looking forward to another super Multi.


The details:


Dates:  April 13 & 14, 2013

Location:  Connell Community CenterConnellWashington

More Information


Dennis A. Armstrong, Secretary - Chapter 53


Having a clock in your home in Thomas Jefferson’s day was quite a status symbol. Jefferson wanted a clock in his dining room that would run a week on a wind. One way to increase run time on a clock, is to mount the clock higher on the wall. Jefferson mounted a clock in the dining room of his home in Monticello way up at the ceiling. He had the clock’s drive weights running out to the corner of the room and down the wall, where he had painted on the wall the days of the week with Monday at the top. Every Sunday he would come in with his ladder and wind the clock. Unfortunately, Jefferson calculated his wind pulley barrel incorrectly, so that his clock would only run for six days until the weight was on the floor. To solve this problem Jefferson drilled a hole in his dining room floor for the weight to pass through, and then Sunday was in the cellar.

Some interesting Stats for our Website for 2012

710 people visited this site
Visits: 1,507
Unique Visitors: 710
Pageviews: 5,842
Pages / Visit: 3.88
Avg. Visit Duration: 00:04:00
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55.67%Returning Visitor839 Visits
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4. Indonesia 7 1.00 100.00%
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6. Brazil 6 1.00 100.00%
7. Venezuela 3 1.00 100.00%
8. Austria 2 4.00 0.00%
9. China 2 2.00 50.00%
10. Iran 2 1.50 50.00%
1. Oregon 875 4.68 00:05:21
2. Washington 308 3.51 00:03:12
3. Pennsylvania 45 1.20 00:00:16
4. California 44 2.30 00:01:32
5. Maryland 16 1.06 00:00:03
6. New York 16 1.62 00:00:39
7. Ohio 12 1.17 00:00:05
8. Texas 12 3.92 00:04:14
9. (not set) 11 1.00 00:00:00
10. Florida 7 2.00 00:00:42


Help Wanted

We have the cleaning and servicing of the movements at the Museum well covered but we are in need of someone/people to assist with case restoration.  If interested, please contact Mike King email

Return visit to the Museum 2/9/13

The same 5 members participated Terry, Dan, Mike, Rod and Bob.  We continued on with the Banjo clock.  There was trouble getting the minute hand to advance when the clock ran.  Finally Rod turned the friction washer around which did the trick and with a little adjustment is now keeping good time.  Its case still needs restoring.

A new clock was also started.  Terry looked up the patent information and it is called a semi octagon case design. Patent (design) D001154, dated October 11, 1859 by Roswell Kimberly from Ansonia, CT. The museum card stated it was an 8 day weight driven clock.  The team was skeptical.  When the door was first opened, sure enough two weights became visible but on removing the dial, it was clear it was a spring driven movement and the weights were not belonging this clock.  Mith busted.  

It was so think with a grease like oil, it was hard to dismantal, with a long pre-cleaning soak doing the trick.

While in the ultrasonic tank, the two main springs became entangled and it took 20 minutes of fighting for Terry and Bob to separate them.  From then on, they were kept well separated.  

Dan polished up the pivots ready to be assembled next time.

Activities:  Plans for the 2013 PNW Regional are underway.  Numerous ideas for attracting new members as well as some of the older members who have become selective about traveling to the west coast are being analyzed and considered.  The 10 Minute University will be another feature of the 2013 Regional.  Daniel Horan, Lead Auctioneer of the Schmitt Auctions of New York will conduct a Live Public Auction of Horological items.

Meetings in August, September and October were held at the Beaverton Library and November at the Beaverton Community Center.  Several informative presentations were done by members of Chapter 31; Tom Hammond Wheels & Wheel Cutting, Bob Holmstrom “A Travelogue of European Electric Clocks” George Matto with assistance of Terry White on  “Military Clocks” and a Show & Tell featuring “Tips for the person new to the world of Clock and Watch Collecting.

December was the Holiday Party with an excellent turnout.  A Mart was held plus we enjoyed an evening of entertainment by former member Kevin Harding and his handcrafted Dulcimer.

Wrap-Up:  Thank you to Tom Hammond, Bob Holmstrom, George Matto, and Terry White   for their willingness to share their expertise.  To Marietta Matto for making sure we have coffee and snacks for our meetings even when she is unable to attend, Dan Miller & Jeff Gonzales for managing the raffle and to our web-master/editor Rod Lloyd for his meticulous work on The Time-Out & web-site.  A special THX to Kay Henselman who did a yeoman’s job as Program Chair.  We will miss her innovative approach to an important part of keeping members informed and educated.

Submitted by Kristen Freiermuth, Secretary

Chapter 31 – Portland, Oregon


Council Meeting Minutes – 20 January 2013


The January Council meeting of Chapter 31 was called to order by President George Matto at the Beaverton Library in Beaverton, OR. Meeting was called to order at 1: 31 PM


Present:  George Matto, Mike King, Kris Freiermuth, Betty Chisum, Terry White, Stoddard Smith, & Tom Hammond.  Absent:  Ron Dusek & Dick Vigal.  A quorum was present.


Guests:  Leo Freiermuth, Steve Nelson, Al Pohlpeter, Mary Martin, Bill Butcher, George Kirkwood & Harold Baesler..


Old Business:

G. Matto went over the requirements for the Chapter as prescribed by the National. 


G. Matto showed the Recognition Certificates he would like to see our Chapter present to deserving members particularly those, who may  have been overlooked, have made a specific impact or continue to contribute to the good of the Chapter.  The Council is the Nominating Committee for future Certificates.  Four (4) Certificates per Quarter will be awarded until the program is benched or another method of recognition is established.


B. Chisum mentioned a Fellow’s Award from National should be considered.  She indicated we haven’t had a candidate from our Chapter since Dick Vigal received his award a number of year’s ago.


Action Item:  Mike King will check with National regarding criteria for Fellow’s Award along with the form and sponsors.


G. Matto announced Kay Henselman had resigned her position as Program Chair.  There are two (2) Chairmanship slots in need of filling; Program and Publicity Chairs


March Luncheon Meeting (Sunday 17th March) at The Monarch.  We will do a walk-through in preparation for the May Regional.

Discussion regarding 2013 Budget.  Bill Butcher along with Betty Chisum had met since the last Council Meeting and Bill passed out copies of a spreadsheet of the last five (5) years.  The Regional account is not in compliance with the Chapter’s By-Laws.

Action Item:  A motion was made by Kris Freiermuth and seconded by Betty Chisum “all committee chairs are to turn in budgets to Betty Chisum by the 15th of February 2013 so she  & Bill Butcher can prepare a Budget for 2013 to be presented to the membership for approval.”

Workshops  Bob Arnold agreed to chair this committee.  He indicated he would be contacting members about becoming a presenter.   Our target is one workshop per Quarter.

Insurance  B. Chisum indicated we could save $250 in premiums if we could find a location for the M&F clock.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:05PM for the Mart, Chapter meeting and presentation on “Burnishing Pivots” by Steve Nelson..

NEXT COUNCIL Meeting:  Sunday the 17th March 1PM @ The Monarch preceding the walk-through.Respectively submitted, Kristen Freiermuth, Secretary 

Portland Chapter 31, NAWCC 

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