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 April 2013
There have been some interesting horological happenings in the recent past, some near and some far away.
First, please join me in congratulating Chet Ekstrand on his recent election win as Director of NAWCC. I would like to think that someone in the PNW cast the deciding vote for Chet.  He has an excellent background for the position and should make an excellent Director and representative of the PNW Chapters of the NAWCC.  His e-mail address is

Wow, the technology that was brought together in the recent webinar (A seminar conducted over the Internet)  featuring International known authority on high end Vienna Regulators, Stephen Nelson disassembling one such mechanism.  If you missed the presentation, it featured 4 live video panels.  One panel devoted to the dis-assembly of a regulator mechanism, another showed a picture of the mechanism for making notes of unique parts, the third was a view through a microscope for the occasional closer look of a unique feature and last but not least, a live panel of Stephen himself.  This was not only a first for Stephen but also NAWCC's first webinar.  I pity the person who has to follow that act unless it is "Stepen besting Stephen" and he is probably already working on that.

If you acted on the e-mail announcement earlier this week, you were in for a treat in seeing our friend Tony Freeth and colleagues in the latest video on the Antikythera Mechanism.  This film brought together the past research and current achievements in deciphering the nature of the device that had spent 2000 years under water.  I understand the video will be available for viewing on the PBS website under NOVA.  If you wish to read up on the Mechanism again you will find Tony's article in the August 2010 issue of the Bulletin.

With all this technology there is still no real replacement for people getting together with other people.  We are getting together in so many ways: repairing clocks in Oregon City at the Museum there, Al Pohlpeters clock repair classes, OMSI information and demonstration tables as well as Tower Clock maintenance lead by Mike Robinson and assisted by Bill Butcher and myself, godfathers brealfast at Dennys, where there is always something to learn and not only about clocks.  And yes, the monthly chapter meetings that  continue to include interesting topics some of which may show up as "10 Minute Universities" at our upcoming May Regional.  Our last planning meeting will take place Sunday April, 7 and you will get an updat at the April Chapter meeting.  Your Chapter 31 is not standing still watching time go by so join in these rewarding activities if not already doing so.
Respectfully, George Matto
April 21 Beaverton Library- 
2:00 pm Mart
2:30 pm Chapter Meeting
"Dave Busby and Mike King will give a presentation on navigating the NAWCC Website and the Chapter 31 web site respectively.  If you have found a website that you feel would be helpful to other members relating to any aspect of time bring the web address on a card and we will view as many sites as there is interest or time to do.  Share what you have discovered on the World Wide Web."

Pacific Northwest Regional
May 16 - 19 2013 [no meeting]

****Pacific NW Regional & Auction, May 2013****
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June Meeting 23rd-fourth Sunday this month.  
2:00 pm Mart
2:30 pm Chapter Meeting
George Matto will present a program on the topic of Cloisonne assisted by George Poole. There will be several items including  a clock  adorned with this ancient form of art work.  Anyone with a Cloisonne item should bring it to this meeting for a show and tell session. 

Could you show these pictures in the TIME OUT news letter of these clocks that were stolen about Thanksgiving time last year in the?
The first clock is Howard-Miller, movement is a Hermle 1050-xxx triple chime ,8 or 14 day. Chine only works some time on a full wind and only for a day or two. Age is about 25 years.

The second picture is of a wooden works clock. It was taken along with the brass lamp and 2 brass giraffes that are in the picture.
You may use my emial address.
 Thank you,
...Bob English...


Charlie Schubert doing his clock art work class at OMSI.OMSI

Of the demonstrations so far, his stenciling demonstration captured the most people. 

Participants were able to take their work home too.

 (photo by George)

Museum Of The Oregon Territory

The team met twice March 23 and 30 and we worked on two clocks.  One had been dismantled, cleaned, inspected and re-assembled ready for timing.  On the second visit the strike was set up, it was put back in its case and its timing adjusted.

Marshall & AdamsA new clock [8 day Waterbury] was Waterburyretrieved from nearby Stevens Crawford Museum.  At first viewing it was not clear if it was a wooden works movement or brass.  All took a close look to try and confirm its material and the feeling was it was brass.  Then I read the paper on the inside the lower compartment and it said in bold letters "BRASS CLOCKS"  That was the clincher for me.  We then dismantled, cleaned, inspected and re-assembled but some problems were found with the mesh of the gears when re-assembled so this will need more work with fresh eyes next time we meet.

While we were at the Stevens Crawford
Museum, we set up
calendar the calendar clock so it was timed, in beat and the day/date correct.

Rod Lloyd


Council Meeting Minutes – 17 March 2013

The March Council meeting of Chapter 31 was called to order by President George Matto at The Monarch Hotel in Clackamas, Oregon.  Meeting was called to order at 1: 35 PM.

Present:  George Matto, Mike King, Kris Freiermuth, Betty Chisum, Stoddard Smith, & Tom Hammond.  Absent:  Ron Dusek, Terry White & Dick Vigal. 

Guests:  Paul Drake, Leo Freiermuth,  Al Pohlpeter, Mary Martin, Marietta Matto & Bill Butcher.

Old Business:

G. Matto went over the requirements for the Chapter as prescribed by the National. 

Mike King passed out & discussed Nomination for Fellow Award form.  There is no deadline for sub-mission of the forms. M. King is looking into the Gold Award assuming it does not require support of a National Event.

            It was mentioned that John Bailey was in the process of completing a recommendation for a candidate from our Regional at this time.  G. Matto suggested John Bailey be asked if he would Chair a committee for this purpose.  No action was taken that required a vote.  After the Regional the Council will be having another meeting & this can be discussed in more detail at that time.

Mary Daggett has agreed to do publicity for the Regional as reported by Charlie Schubert. 

Membership Report:  Bob Arnold wasn’t in attendance, but B. Chisum reported we had 17 paid members at this time.  Bob Arnold is resigning as Membership Chair as of June for health reasons.  B. Chisum volunteered to take it back & do it by hand not the computer.  There is some thought John Bailey might take it back, however he won’t be back until April/May; George will talk to him then.

OMSI:  G. Matto  mentioned OMSI would like to partner with us.  We could set up a weekend “Clock Shop” at OMSI for demonstrations involving all we do to restore a clock. The Stenciling presentation Charles Schubert has done so successfully at clock meets at OMSI & many other public events continues to be popular.  It would require donations of tools, etc. to make this come together.  Everyone agreed it was an excellent idea.

Discussion regarding 2013 Budget.  Bill Butcher spoke about the 2013 Budget & how items should be submitted to B. Chisum then to him.  These items should contain the cost and the off-set to it giving us a truer budget.

Workshops:  Bob Arnold was not in attendance to give a report.

B. Chisum mentioned a request for a donation for the Ohio National.  Usually we have sent $50.  No action was taken & will be put to a vote at the  Chapter meeting following the Regional.

The meeting was adjourned at  1:20 PM for the Mart, and Chapter meeting..

NEXT COUNCIL Meeting:  TBA to be held after the May Regional. @ The Beaverton Library

Respectively submitted, Kristen Freiermuth, Secretary 

Portland Chapter 31, NAWCC 

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