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 June 2013


It seems fitting to share with you, the membership my E-Mail to the Regional Chairmen after our most successful Regional---

"Dear Committee and participants,
You caused the Regional to come off seamlessly due to  good planning, hard work and mutual support of each other during the event.  
We could say much for each of your area of responsibility and each of you are deserving of a high degree of praise and that will follow at our next Chapter meeting along with your NAWCC Certificate of Appreciation (yes the ones that were said to "not be available").  
How do we know how well we did?  From the many kudos I received (and hope you did too) from departing participants as they left the Monarch.  

$$$$$$ In the meantime, there is still the financial side to compile.  
---Please send to Betty Chisum, this week, any receipts (marked with specific purpose) for which you require reimbursement. 
---At the same time please either e-mail a receipt copy or list the amount and specific purpose (Printing --Mart signs, Printing--Program, Printer ink--Registration etc., paper--Auction printing) to me and Bill Butcher so we can compile an accurate financial picture of our Regional.

And again, win, loose or break even, it can only add-to and not subtract from the fine Regional you produced. We expect a bill for "Charlies Angles" at the spinning wheel.”  

Congratulations and my thanks to each of you.
George Matto

Charles “Mike” King passed away on May 29, 2013. mike

Favoring the name “Mike,” he registered for the clock repair class that Al Pohlpeter teaches. 

Mike retired from teaching at Molalla school district.  He enjoyed clock repair and attended the Saturday morning breakfast group “The God Fathers” and was Chapter 31’s vice president. 

He and his wife Mary have grown children and many grandchildren. 

 Mike volunteered with our chapter helping others and will be remembered for his exceptional wood works clock display he chaired at Chapter 31 2011 regional convention. 

Mike organized a work party at the Oregon City Museum to repair and restoring clocks in their collection.  His willingness to help anyone will be greatly missed.

The family plan to have an open house on July 7th but I have no other details.

Help Wanted at the Museum Of The Oregon Territory

The team of five working on the Museum of course included Mike King.  We need a couple of more members to fill his shoes.  We plan on meeting once a month on a Saturday to suit most team members, from 11 am to 3 or 4 pm working on the Museum clock exhibits.  Most project are very interesting and every clock seems to have its challenge.  We area meeting this Saturday June 8 with only two members being available.  Can you help?

For more information please contact Rod

June Meeting 23rd-fourth Sunday this month.  
2:00 pm Mart
2:30 pm Chapter Meeting  at Beaverton Library
George Matto will present a program on the topic of Cloisonne assisted by George Poole. There will be several items including  a clock  adorned with this ancient form of art work.  Anyone with a Cloisonne item should bring it to this meeting for a show and tell session. 

. .