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 July 2013

Marietta and I had taken a three week trip to Finland, Estonia and Russia since the May PNW Regional.  In addition to the numerous public clocks we were on the lookout for clock shops and antique clocks.  As with many other countries that have lost much in the way of antiques, Russia prohibits the export of antiques that by definition includes any collectable 50 years old and older.  We were glad to be back with all our friends in Chapter 31 in time for the June meeting.

Sadly, we marked the passing of Mike King who within only a few short years had made several significant contributions to our chapter.  Characteristic of Mike was a willingness to take on new responsibility in behalf of our Chapter and in general to help in any way possible.  We will remember Mike in many ways and most specifically in adding his name to a Regional event to be known as the "Mike King 10 Minute University". 

Although to some it may seem longer, we are just starting the 2nd year of my being your Chapter President (I actually started a few months sooner than usual by filling in for Mary Gonzalez).  At the start I already had a few "irons in the fire" concerning the activities of our chapter and set for us some goals that were qualitative if not measurable. 

Monthly programs needed to continue to have meaningful content while encouraging membership participation through the "show and tell component"  worthy of your time to attend the meetings.  Strong attendance at our 3rd Sunday of each month meetings would attest to our success.  Building the membership in order to help maintain the vitality of our organization is a must and many of you have brought in new members.  Public exposure and outreach is a sign of a healthy organization and we are now "Partnered" with OMSI and Chapter 31 is represented on their Blog so check us out on the link to their website.  We met at the OMSI for the purpose of visiting the Oregonian Clock and telling the Chapter 31 restoration story of that clock. Several members are repairing clocks at the Oregon Trail Museum in Oregon City thanks to Mike King.  We have a seasoned membership, many who have been through the "chairs" still keep on contributing.  Lastly, we concluded another excellent Regional in May with many successes and appear to have remained in the "black".   

I am pleased to report that Chapter 31 was well represented today at the Open House in honor of Mike King.  Your Chapter remembered Mike to his family by many representing the Chapter and a beautiful Coleus.  If it is your intention to send a personal card  here is the address:

Mary King
19375- Westwood Dr.
Oregon City, OR  97045

President George


 “Open House”

in memory of

Mike King

Date    Sunday 7th July    
Time:  1-4 pm

19375 Westwood Dr.
(Mike & Mary’s home)

Oregon City, OR 97045 


It will be cake and punch, so don’t bring anything but yourselves and best wishes to the King family.



 I am in chapter 94 and 5  in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am on a quest looking for a replacement movement for one I misplaced or lost during a move. I am attaching a picture of  the case and the specifications. I would appreciate it if you pass it around to your chapter members and have them contact me directly if they have  a movement  they are willing to part with.

photo 1photo
Richard Karasik

Fits-All clock test stands are again available from Al Pohlpeter
 503.628.2161.   $50.00

Clock Stand

Chapter 31 members with their Cloisonne items
following a Power Point presentation on Cloisonne by Chapter 31 
President, George Matto.

 program photo


Chapter Meeting Minutes – 23 June 2013....



The June meeting of Chapter 31 was called to order by -President George Matto at 2:30 PM at The Beaverton Library in Beaverton, Oregon.


30 members along with new member Michael Siebler, 2 guests President Dennis Cordy Salem Chapter 157 & Frank West were in attendance. 


President George Matto opened the meeting by thanking members & guests for coming. 


Secretary’s Report:  No correspondence was reported.

Treasurer’s Report:     Betty Chisum was unavailable.

Program Report:  Mary Elizabeth Harper Program Chair would appreciate suggestions from the membership of programs they would like presented.  She would be most interested in speaking to/about any presenters for future programs.


G. Matto announced Mike King had died.  Everyone agreed that Mike had made many contributions to our Chapter in only a few years.  Among  contributions he will be remembered for the Regional "10 Minute Universities" he originated for the 2011 PNW Regional. In future they will be known as "The Mike King 10 Minute Universities” as suggested by Chapter VP, Jean-Luc Gustin.  All present were of the same sentiment.  Terry White announced a memorial reception would be on the 7th of July at the King’s home in Oregon City.  Terry will let us know how to get there & time. 


Regional preliminary report:  G. Matto reminded any persons having invoices from the Regional should get them to B. Chisum ASAP, so we can have the final report on our financial status at the "Wrap-up Meeting" on July 27th.


Certificates from the National were given to the following members:


            John & Carolyn Baily, Hospitality      Leo & Kris Freiermuth, Hotel & Catering

            Harold Baesler, Signage                     Betty Chisum, Accounting

            Bill Butcher, Speakers                        George Kirkwood, Signage

            Mary Martin, Registration                 George Matto, Chair

Marrietta Matto, Registration            Dan Miller, Security                           

Terry White, Co-Chair & Exhibit      Carolyn White, Table Decoration


G. Matto had several other certificates, which he will distribute when recipients are present.


Terry White asked if we were going to send monies to the National.  It was suggested the totals would be sent to the Finance Committee and they would make a recommendation to the Council regarding this matter.


Public Day:  The question was how many of the public attended & did we have any numbers.  Mary Martin indicated we had 86.  Names, addresses and e-mails were collected at the door.


Regional Evaluation & Wrap-up Meeting:  This meeting will be held at George & Marietta Matto’s home.  It is especially for Committee members, but is open to any & all members interested in helping with our next PNW Regional in 2015. Contact Mary Elizabeth if you are interested and Come & Volunteer!


Picnic:  Sunday 25 August 2:00PM at Bob & Mary Holstrom’s ...more details to follow, check the web-site


Publicity:  Mary Elizabeth Harper has agreed to take on the Publicity position in addition to being Program Chair.  THANK YOU Mary Elizabeth!


ME Harper requested an updated list of members as she has had some member e-mails bounced back to her.  Rod Lloyd will bring a list of members & their e-mails next month.  It was suggested the list be checked by members for any corrections at that time.  Kris will bring the latest national list.


Russell Urry asked if anyone had any experience with a product called Renaissance Wax.  He would like to know of those who have purchased or used it would they recommend buying it?


Program:  President George Matto offered a PowerPoint presentation on Cloisonné’ based in part on a visit he & Marrietta had made to a factory in Beijing China.  There were several members who brought examples to share with the members.


Raffle:   Stoddart Smith thanked those who had brought books for donation to share with club members.  He again reminded everyone to please check their libraries for any books not being used. This is a good way to keep these precious reference books in circulation.


Meeting was adjourned 4:02 PM

Next Meeting:  Sunday, 2 PM   21st  of July 2013 at the Beaverton Library in Beaverton, OR

Next month’s program is TBA – check our web-site for information.

*Remember to check your Chapter web-site


Respectively submitted,

Kristen Freiermuth, Secretary 

Portland Chapter 31, NAWCC 

Help Wanted at the Museum Of The Oregon Territory

The team of five working on the Museum of course included Mike King.  We need a couple of more members to fill his shoes.  We plan on meeting once a month on a Saturday to suit most team members, from 11 am to 3 or 4 pm working on the Museum clock exhibits.  Most project are very interesting and every clock seems to have its challenge.  We area meeting this Saturday July 13 with only two members being available.  Can you help?

For more information please contact Rod
July Meeting 21st, 2013
2:00 pm Mart
2:30 pm Chapter Meeting at Beaverton Library

David Busby will cover the topic of finding clocks on the web, followed by Rod Lloyd on getting the most out of the TimeOut newsletter, Chapter website and other internet resources on the web.

. .