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 September 2013

Your Chapter has had a busy month.
We had an Excellent Picnic thanks to our gracious hosts the Holstroms and planning by Mary Elizabeth Harper.

Public Activities:
Meier and Frank Master Clock and Subsidiary Dial:  These two items the Mayer tall case master and "slave" are now side by side at the Gresham Museum.  This was accomplished under the leadership of Bill Butcher who arranged for the production of the supporting subsidiary dial cabinet which he beautifully finished to match the tall case.  In addition Bill acquired two analog mechanisms and wired their remote battery system within the base cabinet.  Best of all, in the absence of the subsidiary mechanism, Bill installed two movements that take their time signal from Colorado.  So, for the moment the Master will be set to agree with the slave or subsidiary clock.

OMSI:  Al Pohlpeter and I visited the Oregonian Clock again the end of August and made some progress in diagnosing its stopping problem.  Rob Kondos of OMSI made a fine adjustment to the strike counterweight which eliminated the hammer bounce.

I will be calling those interested in manning the Chapter 31 information table at OMSI for the purpose of educating/demonstrating time related items.  This is great exposure for our chapter.

Street Clock at the Beaverton Bakery:  Al Pohlpeter re-installed the mechanism and the clock is running and keeping time just as we knew it would.
The Makers Faire is back- Sept 14 (15th is our Chapter meeting at the Beaverton Libray) in the OMSI parking lot.  It's not all robotics, last year I went home from the Makers Faire and made a cell phone microscope $ Free.  See the  "unusual" adapted from the usual.  Negotiate a reduced entrance fee with your NAWCC membership card.

Northwest Auction?  Yes the third annual Horological Auction will be held at the Edmonds Senior Center just north of Seattle on October 13.  This is another opportunity to both buy and sell time related items right here in the NW. 

Directors Meeting:  If your name is on the list to the a director, plan on making this meeting on Sept. 15th at the Beaverton Library, 1:00PM.  Agenda items are being assembled and will be sent to each of you in advance so make any recommendations in the meantime.  As always all members are encouraged to attend these meetings conveniently held before the Chapter meeting. 
Respectfully, George Matto

September 15th, 2013  

Member Merl Snell will present an exciting narrative and overview of the Texas Regional with photos of clocks and exhibit pieces of French Clocks.  For those who have not attended this event, this will be a pictorial experience led by Merl.

September 15th, 2013 Chapter 31 Directors meeting 1:00 PM prior to the Chapter meeting.

October 13, 2013
Northwest Auction?  Yes the third annual Horological Auction will be held at the Edmonds Senior Center just north of Seattle on October 13.  This is another opportunity to both buy and sell time related items right here in the NW. 

The GEARS show has a new venue this year, the Oregon Rail Heritage Center, 2250 SE Water Ave. Portland, just two blocks south on Water from OMSI.

While mainly a model engineering show where local home shop machinists show off their steam engines, Stirling engines, hit and miss engines, aircraft engines...
there are also vendors selling new and used tools, castings, plans, etc. There is also a small horological contingent (including yours truly) exhibiting home built clocks, and selling clock construction books.

This new venue is quite special and interesting, containing two main line steam locomotives from the early 20th century, along with other historical artifacts from the age of steam rail.

If you have never been to a model engineering show, do consider coming to GEARS this year; at the very least you will come away with an appreciation of what talented amateurs can machine, and may catch the machining bug yourself (and that's a good thing...)

GEARS is Saturday and Sunday Sept. 28 and 29thOregon Rail Heritage Center, 2250 SE Water Ave.
Admission is $8.00.

MAKERS FAIRE in OMSI parking lot Sept. 14 (conflicts with Chapter meeting Sept 15th)

Makers range from tech enthusiasts to crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, artists, science clubs, students, authors, and commercial exhibitors. They are of all ages and backgrounds. Maker Faire’s mission is to entertain, inform, connect and inspire these thousands of Makers and aspiring Makers.

The inaugural Maker Faire was held in San Mateo, CA and in 2012 celebrated its seventh annual Bay Area event with some 100,000 people in attendance. As Maker Faire has grown in popularity and relevance, additional flagship faires were launched in 2010 in Detroit and New York City. Community-driven, independently produced Mini Maker Faire events inspired by Maker Faire are now being produced around the United States and the world, including Austin, Seattle, Kansas City, and now Portland.



Chapter Picnic in August so no sectaries report for this month.


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