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 October 2013

See below for October meeting details.
We are well into fall and as in past years the
Beaverton Library is not available for our monthly meeting for the month of November so we have a few suggestions:  Attend one of AL Pohlpeter's clock repair 
classes.  Mondays class is at Woodstock Community Center or if Tuesday visit Al's class at 
the West Linn Stafford School.  Drop in at either location, all are welcome.  Call me or e-mail for more details Another alternate activity would be to join the "Godfather's breakfast any Saturday between 5am and 8am at Denny's Washington Square, Hall Blvd.just off Hwy. 217.  You say, 5am is too early-- some arrive around 7am and are usually headed home by 8am.

You can usually count on something of interest showing up at the breakfast table and not always time related.  There might be stories of the latest "find" at a local auction or antique shop.  It's not unusual to see a current repair challenge of unique solution to a problem time related or not.

Kris and Leo are in the planning stages for the annual Christmas / Holiday Dinner and Mart at the Monarch.  Hold December 15th open for this event and be thinking of all those items you would like to bring to the Mart.

Dues Reminder:  Save your chapter some postage but more important--let's give Betty a break and send your check for dues before she needs to send out all those reminders.  Just go to "Forms" on the menu bar print the form, add your check and mail or bring to the October Chapter meeting.  You get a big smile and thank you from Betty.

Also, Consider attending the Northwest Clock and Watch Auction--details below.

Respectfully Submitted, George Matto

October 20, 2013 
2:00pm Beaverton Library

Our own Jeff Eastman will do a presentation on gilding. 
You may have seen this art form before but don't miss this meeting if you would like to see Jeff's approach to the subject.
He is also a pivot finishing tool that he designed and built after being inspired by Steve Nelson's presentation earlier this year.

November Meeting...
If you remember the craze of the 60's and 70's of " Do Your Own Thing", that is the theme for this month since the Beaverton Library is not available to the chapter.  There are a couple of suggestions in the Presidents message above.  In the meantime, if you have other suggestions for "Do Your own Thing" send them to Rod Lloyd, webmaster for posting prior the the third week in November.  Otherwise, there is always Al's classes or Godfather's.

December 15
Christmas / Holiday Dinner and Mart at the Monarch. 
December 15th open for this event and be thinking of all those items you would like to bring to the Mart.

The September Meeting was a great success with a presentation by Merl Snell who obtained and presented a picture report on the Texas Regional display dedicated to French Clocks.

The meeting was preceded by a small Directors meeting; "small" because we knew we would not have a quorum but wanted to keep the active items open for further discussion. Thanks to those who were able to make this meeting.
George Matto for Kris Friermouth.


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