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February 2014
Dear Members,

Your council met prior to the January Chapter meeting and the main thrust of the meeting was to consider the changes to the organization documents that will make them consistent with how the Chapter actually functions. 

We have maintained our status as a not for profit social club. Thanks to Betty C. and Harold B. our annual reporting has been up to date and our status is secure. 

According to a comment from National not all chapters have gone without being challenged or had their not for profit status revoked primarily due to delinquent reporting.

Someone asked about “Show and Tell”. There are at least two ways Show and Tell comes about and can apply to all Chapter meetings. The Program Chairman can designate a ”letter” as the topic for the next meeting or anyone is welcome to bring an item or elaborate on the meeting topic from their own experience. So show and tell can and should happen at any meeting based on the topic or the designated letter.

Betty Chisum reported of the 89 members listed by National 44 have paid Chapter dues. Contribution of dues by the outstanding members would enable the chapter to function on a pay as you go basis for most of our expenses. Given the quality of our Chapter meeting speakers and demonstrations it seems that the $15.00 annual dues is quite a bargain. From the line-up of speakers and topics, no one should be disappointed when attending our meetings. We will continue to have a mix of informational and practical repair and restoration topics.

See you at the next meeting and the one after that.


George Matto

February 16, 2014 Meeting
Beaverton Library
Mart 2:00pm
Meeting 2:30pm
 --  Stephen Nelson
has agreed to present to the chapter a very popular topic from our past Regional "10 Minute University" program. The topic was using modern lubricating oils (motor oil)  in mechanical clocks. 

March 16, 2014 Meeting
Beaverton Library
Mart 2:00pm
Meeting 2:30pm

The topic for my presentation will be a continuation of the last presentation that I hosted on the topic of Mainsprings for Clocks and Mechanical mechanisms.


In many of the Horological Publications, We read and understand the importance of ensuring that the mechanism is clean, condition of the Arbor Pivots and Bushings, ensuring the Escapement is properly adjusted, the mechanism in beat and regulated to the correct beats per hour. Many of these publications do not address the importance of the Mainspring and associated components. How the condition/wear of the Mainspring, Mainspring Barrel Bearings, Winding Arbor Pivots Bushings in open Spring mechanisms, affect the performance of the mechanism. Without addressing these wear areas of the Power source, Mainspring & Barrel assembly if so equipped, no matter how well we clean the mechanism, polish/burnish pivots and adjust the Escapement the mechanism will not perform as designed.

Steve Ford

. .
Elections are upcoming--so be thinking of nominating yourself or someone else.
Send your nominations to Terry White

17 January 2014
National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors
Pacific Northwest Chapter 31
President George Matto

Ref.: Museum of Oregon Territory 

211 Tumwater Dr.
Oregon City, OR 97045

The late Chapter 31 member Charles (Mike) King worked with the Museum of Oregon Territory to repair some of their accessioned clocks. The museum’s volunteer Patty Brown was our interface for this project. Mike brought into this project, other volunteers from Chapter 31 to assist in the repairs. Of the many clocks in the museum collection, about one-third was chosen to repair and restore.

  • Sessions wall regulator No. 4
  • E.N. Welch wall clock
  • Waterbury No. 44 calendar clock
  • Seth Thomas 8 day shelf clock weigh driven
  • Seth Thomas 8 day Sonora chime shelf clock
  • Unknown time only Banjo wall clock
  • Owen & Clark Steeple shelf clock

The project started in late 2012 and completed on January 17th 2014. One of the repaired clocks greets visitors to the museum by hanging behind the registration desk in the main lobby. And that one is the Sessions wall regulator No.4.

With the completion of this project, I would like to thank the volunteers from NAWCC Pacific Northwest Chapter 31 for their assistances. Equipment, materials and cleaning supplies were provided by the volunteers. And, a few parts were hand made by the volunteers to restore the clocks.

  • Roger Alexander
  • Bill Butcher
  • Mike King
  • Rod Lloyd
  • Steve Lobel
  • Dan Miller
  • Robert Schug
  • Terry White

Respectfully Submitted,

Terry A. White
Chapter 31
NAWCC No. 131,158

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