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April 2014
Dear Members,

Elections are over and the “Winners” will be announced soon and installed at the PNW Regional in Tacoma in May.   .


Important Dates:   Ch. 31 April meeting –April 13, Beaverton Library, (Not Easter Sunday)—PNW Regional May15th-17th (no chapter 31 mtg.)         See below for dates and the link to the website for a registration form.  Also, check out the excellent topics to be presented at the Mini-UniversitiesNAWCC National, June 17-21 | Wisconsin Center | Milwaukee WI.

Not Just Your Average Chapter:  Not for the first time, I recently read all the Chapter Highlights  (in the “Mart”) with the objectives of answering “how we are doingand to discover any interesting meeting topics.  For our size and counting our active members, our meeting attendance is very good, and our speakers bring topics that would rate a grade of Excellent.   We should not assume this will continue to be the status quo without your input of ideas and  willing presenters.


Thank you:  Please express your appreciation to the following members who are not officers but continue to work behind the scenes in ways that keep your chapter a viable organization worthy of your time and participation.  First, all of our past Program Presenters without whom we would not have a reason to meet; Program Chairman, and Chapter Highlights Reporter,  Mary Elizabeth Harper;  Monthly meeting Venue coordinator and Chapter Director, Harold Baesler;  Photo Record of our events by Josh Smith: Refreshments, Marietta Matto;  Financial  (bookkeeper) Bill Butcher;  Ron Dusek, sends US Mail version, Rod Lloyd,Web Master; Dan Miller, Chapter Historian; Stephen Nelson, places meeting notice on Craigs List each month;  Past President-Chapter nominations and more, Terry White; Off-site and Regional venue K. & L. Freiermuth;  The entire Regional Team is recognized on the West Coast as the Best Regional Team.  For a fun and rewarding experience join with the Regional Committee later this year in planning our 2015 Regional.  My apologies to anyone not mentioned here who should have been included.


Help Wanted:  Your help is both wanted and needed going forward so we can continue to live up to the stated reason for our existence.   ”Members of the chapter are bonded together by the love of timekeeping, and associated interest”. 

The simplest way to contribute is to share your ideas for improving the chapter, or suggest meeting or workshop topics.   As Chapter President, I’m counting on you to contact me or any officer or chair person to volunteer your ideas and/or your participation.


See you at the April 13th Chapter Meeting, Beaverton Library.


George Matto

April meeting –April 13, 
Beaverton Library, 
(Not Easter Sunday)

Mart 2:00pm
Meeting 2:30pm

 "Building Brass Skeleton Clocks." 

This presentation is "A beginner's journey into the joys and sorrows of building clocks from scratch.  Jeff started building clocks in 2001 and is working on his 5th project. He will bring some of the clocks he has built and talk about he equipment and skills one needs to build your own clock. 
This should be one presentation we all can learn something invaluable!"

No club meeting in May

The Pacific Northwest NAWCC Regional 2014
May 15, 16, & 17, 2014
$500 in Mart Dollars Drawing – Mini Universities!
NAWCC Members – All Days
Open to public May 17th - 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

More Information

June 17-21, 2014—NAWCC National, Milwaukee, WI

No report

NAWCC Pacific Northwest Regional
Tacoma, WashingtonMay 15, 16, & 17 2014


Open to publicMay 17th 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Elections are upcoming--so be thinking of nominating yourself or someone else.
Send your nominations to Terry White

. .