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May 2014
Dear Chapter 31 Members & Friends,

Hard to believe it’s May already but here in Portland, Oregon we can tell it’s Spring because of the rain! As was announced at the April meeting your officers as a result of the election are : 

George Matto, President; Jeff Eastwood, Vice President; Kris Freiermuth, Secretary; Betty Chisum, Treasurer. Directors: Stoddard Smith, Dick Vigal, Al Pohlpeter and Harold Baesler. A big “Thank you” to all who agree to serve the chapter in many ways as well as all who attend the monthly meetings.

It is also Regional month in the Pacific Northwest and many of us are headed for the Regional in Tacoma. It’s not too late to decide to pick up and go to the Regional and experience an excellent program and negotiate a special deal on that watch, clock or other long sought after horological item. Hotel Morano is a beautiful facility and is providing NAWCC with an excellent rate as well as a chance to see many of Chihuly’s glass masterpieces located throughout the hotel.

Ok, if you have a conflict and can’t get to Tacoma be sure to attend the June meeting where you will see what great deals others were able to come away with. Mary Elizabeth has a special meeting topic for you—See her meeting notice below. 

By the way, please note the June meeting date is NOT Fathers’ Day but is June 22nd meetings, NOT the usual third Sunday. The August Picnic Venue is being arranged by Harold Baesler and will be confirmed in June.

A most warm welcome to our new members and guests to our upcoming June meeting.


George Matto
A jacket was lost at the last membership meeting.  If you have found a jacket or know of its whereabouts, please contact Kay Henselman 503-348-5095

NAWCC Pacific Northwest Regional
Tacoma, Washington May 15, 16, & 17 2014


Open to public May 17th 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

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