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August 2014
Dear Chapter 31 Members and Friends,

We continue to stand with our members and families who have bravely faced life's health challenges. While still serving as our Chapter President, Mary Gonzalez was diagnosed to be suffering from a brain tumor, that was two-plus years ago.  She passed away just a few days ago.  And although it was obviously a challenge, she and Jeff made it to the Regional in Tacoma this in May and some of the major Chapter functions in the last couple of  years.  An e-mail will follow once we hear the details of a memorial for Mary.  In the meantime our thoughts and prayers go out to Jeff and their family in this difficult time.

Your Chapter Council met prior to the July monthly meeting at the Beaverton Library.  The main item discussed and acted on was the position of treasurer.  Betty Chisum, has served our Chapter for many years and has asked that we consider another person to fill that position.  Your Council has approved Dr. David Noall as Treasurer to fill out Betty's current term of office.  Thanks to both Betty and Dave for their support of the Chapter.  The full minutes by acting Secretary Shirley Barden, will appear in the next TimeOut.

I hope all are enjoying a real Oregon summer.  For us, it has been to the beach, Ashland plays, and a consulting job on our coast as well as the Canadian coast.  First a Paper Plant in Toledo, OR followed by a submarine cable installation on the West Coast of  Vancouver Island.  So if you find us speaking Shakespeareze at the picnic you will know the origin of our language lesson.  Or I could have a Canadian accent with all the "a's" in their proper place.

An updated Annual Picnic Flyer is attached to this news letter and don't be confused by the real estate listing for the Oakwood Gardens.  The Gardens are for sale but no deal is anticipated until after our function unless one of us buy it first.  The flyer with the  address as well as maps are included with this newsletter.
Sign-ups for the picnic are coming into Mary Elizabeth and it looks like a great turnout, hope to see you there.

Respectfully Submitted,
George Matto, Chapter President

Annual Picnic August 17th:
The Baesler's have reserved a special venue for Annual Picnic and Mart at Oakwood Gardens in Hillsboro, just off River Road.   Harold plans to place signs on River Road just south of TV Hwy. to help locate the driveway entrance.  Be sure to follow the directions and register for this Chapter sponsored event.

Bring your own plates & utensils.  Bring your choice of meat, chicken or fish to cook .  Grills will be available for your use.  The Chapter is paying the entrance fee for members and your guests as well asproviding water and soft drinks.

picnic flyer

Chapter 31--No meeting
In lieu of our usual meeting, consider attending Chapter 53 Multi-Chpater in Connell, WA 
Here is a chance to attend a multi-chapter, September 20 and 21.
This has been a well attended well run event with an excellent mart, good food and friends.
Check this link

World Famous Connell
Pacific North-West Multi-Chapter
MART & Auction
Chapter 53
September 20 & 21, 2014
Connell Community Center 211 E Elm St. Connell, WA
Saturday, September 20 - Early arrival fellowship evening
* 5:00 pm Registration & doors open
* 6:00 pm Dinner - Home cooked Famous “Pearson” Spaghetti and Meatballs ( Meatless Sauce available ), Bread, Salad and Dessert.
* 7:00 pm “How to” and “Hobby” FAIR
Share your special watch or clock skill - Learn from others
Share a special collection - Share your hobby beyond watches and clocks
Sunday, September 21 - MART and AUCTION
* 9:00 am Set-up & Registration for MART table holders only
* 9:30 am Registration - Mart opens
* 12:00 noon Buffet Lunch - Soup and Salad bar, with Chili, maybe more spaghetti
Special Chapter 53 “50th Anniversary” Cake and Ice Cream
Help us celebrate 50 Great Years of Chapter 53 1964 to 2014
* 12:45 pm Door Prizes - Might be your Lucky Day
* 1:00 pm Free Table - Bring some “STUFF” To donate to this fun activity
* 1:15 pm Auction You bring stuff - put up for auction - People Buy !!
Here is how it will work: YOU get to set the game rules.
Put up for auction and YOU keep ALL proceeds.
Create a minimum bid if desired - or SELL even for a miniscule amount.
Put up for auction and donate a teeny bit to the Chapter treasury.
Put up for auction and donate a giant amount to the Chapter treasury.
OR You create a new rule !!
Motels in the area
M & M Motel S Columbia, Connell 509-234-8811, 800-353-9981
Tumbleweed Motel 433 S Columbia, Connell 509-234-2081
Connell Park Estates 200 W Hawthorne, Connell 509-234-2222 RV parking with hookups
Motels are also available in Pasco, Kennewick, Richland
Hobby FAIR
Reservations and advance payment for Saturday and Sunday meals must be
RECEIVED by Monday, September 15
Make checks payable to NAWCC Chapter #53 and mail to:
Dennis A. Armstrong
1610 Johnston Ave.
Richland, Washington 99354
Questions ?? Please ask - Dennis Armstrong email
Table Request:
Saturday evening How to & Hobby Fair 1/2 Table _____ Full Table ______
I will show the following: __________________________
Sunday MART 1/2 Table _____ Full Table ______
No Charge for MART Tables, but we do require all table holders to purchase a meal.
Connell Multi-Chapter MART and AUCTION Registration:
Name NAWCC #
Name NAWCC #
Phone e-mail
Registration Sheet
Saturday 9/20 Meal #_____ @ $9.25 = $ ______
Sunday 9/21 Meal # ______ @ $9.25 = $ ______
Total Enclosed $_________
HELP Needed - YES, I Can
for room setup______________
cooking help _______________

August 10th 2014:
Greetings From British Columbia
If you enjoy great food, short speeches, amazing prizes,
exceptional comradarie and international competition, then on behalf of a
ll members of NAWCC Chapter 121, I would like to invite you to our
Annual Bar-B-Que and World Famous International Bocce Tournament
to take place at Williams Park, Langley, BC on Sunday, August 10th, 2014.
Cost of this spectacular event is a mere $15.00 per person, a bargain
considering the fine dining and exceptional entertainment you will
encounter as well as beholding the spectacular scenery of Beautiful
British Columbia.
For further information and map to the location, please refer to the
attached flyer. As noted you may contact BBQ Chairman Malcolm
Wilson at or phone (604) 594-7971 to
confirm your tickets.


John Connolly


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