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September 2014
Dear Chapter 31 Members and Friends,
Your Chapter continues to grow with the recent addition of Steve McGowan and Steve Lobel -- Welcome Steve and Steve, we look forward to getting to know you and learn of your interests in Clocks or Watches or both.  There are some excellent opportunities to participate and learn in the coming months starting with the Gears Show and the first Planning meeting for our Regional.  At the October meeting I plan to announce a two day beginners class on the ABC's of a time train; this may be a good venue for introducing others to passion in Time.

Regional Planning
Sunday, Sept. 21, 1:00pm.  Responses to my email are coming in indicating that we will be able to make some required early decisions this weekend.  In addition to our "seasoned and talented regulars," The Regional Planners invite you to participate in this rewarding event starting now or by helping out next May during the event to be held again at the Monarch Hotel.  Best to get on board now by attending the meeting: 
-- 670-SW Viewmont Drive, Portland OR.--just west of where Burnside ends and intersects SW Barns road--questions? call 503-292-3666.

Gears Show: 
Sept. 27th & 28th- the hours for the show are 9-5 on Sat. and 9-3 on Sunday. 
Contact Jeff Eastwood to participate promoting the NAWCC and especially Chapter 31. Spend a few hours at our information table and also look over the Gears Show--Call Jeff evenings 503-296-9263 and get on the schedule.  You don't have to be an expert on the Chapter or the NAWCC since all the materials will be there to inform anyone interested.  This is our chance to reach out to potential new members, let's not miss the opportunity.

Chapter Meeting Topics
:  Show and Tell is alive and well!  Bring or discuss your show and tell at any meeting based on that meeting subject but, if you have an item requiring time for a presentation please contact Mary Elizabeth Harper 503-454-0010 to get on the calendar (we are fill up for topics this year but January is available).

Connell, WA Multi-ChapterThis coming weekend, see details on the web site.

Chapter 31 Roster:  The final reminder is coming!!  Before that happens and you risk missing being listed or entering corrections, please contact Terry White today by either e-mail or by US Mail and indicate your wishes--"Keep the listing as is" or, "change as indicated."  This is a once every 2 years effort so, if you miss this cycle your changes will not take place for another 2 years. or,
  Terry White
   9480 South Gribble RD
  Canby,  OR 97013-9312

Thank You: To Judy and Harold who did a great job of arranging the venue for the annual picnic.  The gardens were beautiful. The food was excellent --all by the chapter culinary experts.  We had a lively mart with many bargains in books, tools, watches and clocks and parts.  Next year we only need half the number of you  praying for no rain-- not only did it not rain but the temperature rose into the 90's by days end.

Respectfully Submitted,

 George Matto, Chapter President

September 20, 21 -- Connell Multi-Chapter -- No Chapter 31 meeting.

October 19th, 2:00PM --Beaverton Library 
-- Local Pendulum and Dulcimer maker.  Don McLane, man of many talents who at once worked on the design of color printers, is an engineer who now designs pendulums and musical instruments.  Don is scheduled to present a Power Point show on his many creations some of which are swinging away at OMSI just behind the tower clock in the turbine hall.  The exhibit will be there through January 2015.  Although not necessary, if you visit the OMSI exhibit ahead of the October meeting you will have a greater appreciation of the scale of Don's Pendulums.  Our mental challenge--can a working clock be incorporated into one of Don's pendulums or a secondary pendulum?  Come to this Chapter meeting and join in the discussion.

November 16th, 2:00PM Beaverton Library -- TBD

Submitted by GM
for Mary Elizabeth Harper

. .

. .

August 17, 2014 Minutes

We went to a Garden Party

We gathered at the Oakwood Gardens for our annual potluck in the garden house 

of this very well kept and manicured farm. The gardens are extensive and are 

often visited by local garden clubs. The crop is llama wool and all animals were 

shorn of their wool. Parking was in a nearby pasture under the shade of the tree 

Our President George Matto conducted a short meeting after everyone had 

helped themselves to the many tasty dishes brought by the attendees. Many 

Bar B Q’d on the grills provided and all enjoyed the home made vanilla ice cream 

brought by one of our members. George announced our new officers, Shirley 

Barden Secretary, and David Noall Treasurer. He also mentioned the death of 

Mary Gonzalez and said her memorial service was well attended.

There was a mart as well as a table of free goodies. Tickets were issued for the 

free table in order to allow all who were interested to have time to select what 

Everyone had a good time and are looking forward to next year’s potluck.