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October 2014
Dear Chapter 31 Members and Friends

This months news letter is being written in Sisters, Oregon.  Marietta and I are here because I'm working on my Girandole clock.  Some may recall that about eight of us took up Ed's invitation to come to Beacam's Clocks in Sisters and make a clock.  The weather is great and Marietta is enjoying shopping and walks while I'm "slaving" away in Ed's air conditioned shop.  I would never make it doing piece work. Enough of that!

The Gears Show: Thanks to those who participated, John and Carol Bailey, Shirley Barden, Bill Butcher and my lovely wife Marietta while the entire effort was headed up by Jeff Eastwood.  Was it a success you ask?  We had numerous people stop who were fascinated by the entire 32 feet of table containing horological items: Jeff's clocks that he displayed at a recent monthly meeting, John Baileys Atmos clock, and Bill Butchers examples of "What's inside Grandmas Clock" and my example of a 400 Day clock. Jeff claimed 32' of table for his and our display.  If his Congreve Tilting Table clock didn't grab someones attention then it possibly Bill's working movement on a test stand or the Bailey's Atmos Clock. The interest level of those who stopped by to chat about clocks was very encouraging such that we expect to gain a few new members for the effort we put forth.  Some of us also got some repair requests out of those who stopped-a nice reward for our participation. 

Regional Planning Meeting:  The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, October 12th at 2PM, our house, 670-SW Viewmont Drive, Ptld. 97225.  Most chair positions are filled so come and hear about a supporting role before all the good and fun ones are taken by others.  This is a well organized function you can be proud to participate in and with a little effort you can can contribute to it's success.  We can use your  help in planning, or at the Red Cap load-in stage and on Friday and Saturday of the Regional.  Other times will be in the week before, stuffing registration packages, and at registration during the event.  So Mark your calendar for May 14-16, 2015 and come to a planning meeting before then.

Respectfully Submitted,

George Matto, Chapter President

October 19th, 2:00PM --Beaverton Library  -- Local Pendulum and Dulcimer maker.  Don McLane, man of many talents who at once worked on the design of color printers, is an engineer who now designs pendulums and musical instruments.  Don is scheduled to present a Power Point show on his many creations some of which are swinging away at OMSI just behind the tower clock in the turbine hall.  The exhibit will be there through January 2015.  Although not necessary, if you visit the OMSI exhibit ahead of the October meeting you will have a greater appreciation of the scale of Don's Pendulums.  Our mental challenge--can a working clock be incorporated into one of Don's pendulums or a secondary pendulum?  Come to this Chapter meeting and join in the discussion.

November 16th, 2:00PM-- 
November:  Speaker--Bob Holmstrom, watch for alternate location in next month's TimeOut.

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