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November 2014
Dear Chapter 31 Members and Friends

Jeff Eastwood here, in for George, who (with Marietta) will be off enjoying the sunny climes of the southern hemisphere while we shiver in the cold and dark. However, we will have the benefit of Bob Holmstrom's presentation at the November meeting, along with our usual fun and hi-jinks, so come and join us in Gresham on the 16th and we will dispel the cold and dark with horological good times.

*** Do note that the location for the November meeting has changed: ***
Gresham History Museum
410-N Main Avenue
Gresham, OR 97030 

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeff Eastwood, Chapter Vice President

!!! Note Location Change !!!

November Meeting November 16, 2014

Mart 2pm
Meeting 2:30pm
Note Location Change
Gresham History Museum
410-N Main Avenue
Gresham, OR 97030 
Speaker--Bob Holmstrom,
Horological Heresy - Verge & Foliot 
What the ‘experts’ don’t want you to know, or even hear about. 

December: 12/14, Christmas holiday bash at the Monarch, 2 PM   Click to download FLYER
Holiday party

N.A.W.C.C.  31

Meeting of October 19, 2014 Report

After everyone got their refreshments and helped the speaker set up his sculptures, George brought the meeting to order.

He announced the passing of Darrell Vandehay and said that he would send out an Email to everyone as soon as he had the particulars on the memorial service.  He guessed that the service would be at St. Mathews at the end of the week.

There was no Treasurers’ report as the Treasurer was not present.

There were no Council Minutes* in the recent TimeOuts because there was a section that was to be undisclosed until this meeting. With a smile he called Betty Chisum to the front of the room in order for Marietta to present her with an arm full of roses as well as a generous gift certificate for her 30 plus years of service in our club. The club donated the amount stated in the minutes of July 2024 plus more donations by the members.

Betty called for the $15 dues for 2015.  Some members paid on the spot saving the postage and having to pay when they remembered later.

The Regional that we are hosting will be May 14th-17th, 2015.  The announcement should appear in the next National mailing and National website.

Jeff Eastwood, V.P. thanked everyone that helped man the display tables we purchased for the Gears show.  He felt that there was quite a bit of interest in the membership section of the display shown by the attendees.

George reminded everyone that he would not be present at the November meeting and that the regular club meeting would be led by our Vice President, Jeff, furthermore the meeting would be held on the East side. To be announced in the Time Out.

We then enjoyed a very interesting talk and Power Point presentation by Don McLane about his pendulum sculptures made of stone, stainless steel and whimsical adjustments to the many moving sections of the sculptures.

Post Script:  Darrell Vandehay's Funeral was last Friday and there was a fine showing of the members of Chapter 31. Stoddart Smith presented a eulogy based on the humorous good times spent with Darrell and their many escapades many of which included clocks. We will miss Darrell including at our weekly godfathers 5AM breakfasts.  (George Matto)

Respectfully submitted by Secretary,  

Shirley Barden


         Chapter 31 Council Meeting Minutes--July 20, 2014 *

Meeting called to order by President George Matto around 1:30 PM.

Minutes:  The secretary, Kris Freiermuth, has requested a leave of absent from taking minutes for the Council for her remaining term of one year.

Treasurer’s Report:  There was no Treasurer’s Report, as Betty Chisum. Is now retired and has resigned her position as Treasurer.

Members present:  George Matto, Harold Baesler, Al Pohlpeter, Jeff Eastwood, David Noall, and Shirley Barden

New Business:  George Matto appointed Shirley Barden as Secretary to fill Kris Freiermuth’s one year remaining term.

Harold Baesler nominated David Noall to be Treasurer for a two year term, Jeff Eastwood seconded the motion.   Passed

There was a lengthy discussion about the appropriate recognition to be given to our long time Treasurer, Betty Chisum.  It was decided to contribute $100 from our Treasury, a bouquet, and any cash contributions from members some of whom said they wanted to add to the Chapter “seed money”.   Mary Elizabeth is to take care of any action needed for Betty’s recognition.

Jeff Eastwood moved to contribute $100 and bouquet expense from the treasury, Harold seconded the motion.  Passed.

The Council also wanted to appropriately recognize, long time member, Dr.  Leo Friermuth.  It was agreed to purchase a memorial plaque to be posted in The Grotto.  Mary Elizabeth will find out just how to go about making this happen.

There was also discussion by the Council concerning the addition to our by-laws, rules or procedure concerning memorials.   The Council agreed that it was not necessary, that the Council would consider each event on its own merit.  

We were reminded that we were to buy tables for clock club member recruitment at the Gears Show in September.  Jeff Eastwood is the point person for this effort.

George Matto reminded us that the tower clock at the OMSI needs attention.  Al Pohlpeter indicated that he would find time to check on the clock in the near future.

The meeting of the Council was adjourned for our regular monthly meeting.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary,  

Shirley Barden
Darrell Vandehey

"Darrell Vandehey in his element" at the May 2014 Regional, Tacoma, WA
Photo by Marietta Matto

Don't ForgetDues are due for 2015.  The dues are still

only $15.00

        Mail to Betty Chisum 465 SW Eastman Ct. Gresham OR 97080
        or bring it to the next meeting.

        also, a "Thank You" from Betty Chisum for her card and gift.  It was very much appreciated.


Some Photos from last months speaker

 Local Pendulum and Dulcimer maker.  Don McLane, man of many talents who at once worked on the design of color printers, is an engineer who now designs pendulums and musical instruments.  Don presented a Power Point show on his many creations some of which are swinging away at OMSI just behind the tower clock in the turbine hall.  The exhibit will be there through January 2015.  Our mental challenge--can a working clock be incorporated into one of Don's pendulums or a secondary pendulum? 


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