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June 2014
Dear Chapter 31 Members and Friends,

We are entering another two year period of new Officers and Directors for your Chapter.  Traditionally, new officers and directors would be installed at the May Regional but there were two few of us in Tacoma therefore we will do it at the June meeting.  We are counting on the membership to take an active part in suggesting meeting topics of your choice so that we keep our meetings both meaningful and hence interesting.  Contact Mary Elizabeth at any chapter meeting or leave a message on this website.

Plan to make a limited time commitment to your Chapter.  I am asking someone to step forward and take up the duties of Secretary from Kris Freiermuth who has been making that contribution to your chapter for many years.  The requirements are pretty straightforward given that we keep minutes of only official business meetings and report chapter activities 6 times a year.  In the meantime Mary Elizabeth Harper has been performing that function in addition to her duties as program Chairman.  If interested in making a small time commitment but significant contribution to your chapter, please contact me for details.

Preliminary indications are that the Puget Sound Regional was a success.  The mart venue and accommodations at the Hotel Morano, downtown Tacoma were excellent, as was the hospitality and warm welcome by the organizing committee.  For those familiar with the facility, you knew it  as a Sheraton Hotel in years past.  This Regional pretty much put a "lock" on the concept of  "Ten Minute Universities" started by our own Mike King and this year termed as Mini-Universities that offered a wide range of topics as listed in the Regional announcement.  Our Regional Planning committee will take up the point of establishing a name for these classes that provide excellent "take-aways" for all attendees.  More on future Regionals later.

Plan to attend the June 22nd, Chapter 31 meeting at the Beaverton Library.

Respectfully Submitted,
George Matto, Chapter President

June 22, 2014 Chapter meeting
Mart is at 2.00pm 
Meeting at 2:30pm
Beaverton Library 12375 SW 5th St, Beaverton, OR

Please note the June meeting date is NOT Fathers’ Day but is June 22nd meetings, NOT the usual third Sunday

"You show me yours and I'll show you mine!"

We are inviting all Regional attendees to make a presentation about their favorite acquisition from this year's regional.  Each Presentation will be limited to 5 minutes.

Annual Picnic 
Harold is making reservations for the August (third Sunday) Annual Picnic and Mart at a Hillsboro Park. 

NAWCC National, Milwaukee, WI

June 17-21, 2014—NAWCC National, Milwaukee, WI
A jacket was lost at the last membership meeting.  If you have found a jacket or know of its whereabouts, please contact Kay Henselman 503-348-5095


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