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January 2015

Dear Members,

It doesn’t seem possible but it’s that time of year again already.  If we are lucky, it was time to spend with family and friends and otherwise spread as much “good cheer” as possible.  That is, most of us also give thanks for what we have in non-monetary terms.  For me, all of the above apply in addition to having each of you as a friend and enjoying the gift of a kind word and smile whenever we meet.


If you joined us for the annual Christmas/Holiday Party at the Monarch you know it was another great gathering of Chapter 31 and coincidentally we had 31 people sign up for the event and the final count was 39. That made it challenging and in some respects,  easy to arrange.  Challenging, trying to locate entertainment for that size group at a reasonable price.  Easy, because we eliminated the no-host bar and provided complimentary wine with a reasonable corkage fee arranged by Kris Freiermuth along with having arranged for all the other details.


Good fortune was with our band of merry makers all the way.  The wine was purchased from Costco with a deep discount on a case basis and a few members were able to arrange to get the same price on a bottle basis.  Center pieces were given away, two per table as a result of Marietta and me arriving at Home Depot at 6:15am a few weeks ago to take advantage of their unbelievable poinsettia sale.  And books; Arlington books had a closing-out book sale  a few months ago so, in anticipation of this event I bought a half dozen great titles at half price and they were raffled off along with the best of the used book titles we still had in the chapter supply.


Other news:  Palmer Antiques has invited our Chapter 31 to be represented at a future sale in a visible way and at a reduced rate.  Jeff Eastwood is looking into the possibility of doing just that at their March 7-8th event at Expo.  This will be a topic at the Jan Council Meeting.

Al and John Pohlpeter’s repaired the Oregonian Clock at OMSI after months of non-operation.  Next, we need to arrange some training there to get them to be more self-sufficient as is their intended goal.


To you and yours,

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year


Respectfully Submitted,  George Matto, Pres. Ch 31


Upcoming Meetings:

   Regional Planning Meeting—

        Jan 11th at Matto house—670- SW Viewmont Drive, 97225, come and tell the group what has been done, what needs  doing and any help you require.  After that, only 3 meetings before the Regional but that should be “no worries” for such a seasoned group as ours.  Thanks for all you are doing preparing for another successful regional.


   January Chapter meeting—

        Jan 18th, Beaverton Library-Topic Merl Snell returns with his unique Automatons and more.
                      SHOW AND TELL--Yes, bring your own unique item and tell us about it.  Horological or not, share it with your fellow members.


   Council Meeting—

       Jan 18th 1:00pm preceding the Chapter Meeting--All active members are invited to attend.


Palmer Antique Sale--
        March 7 & 8th at Portland Exposition--including options for our members to sell, demonstrate repair skills and otherwise, mainly promote the benefits of Chapter 31 and NAWCC membership.

At the November Meeting of Chapter 31 we were presented with a description of two competing escapement philosophies.  Member Bob Holmstrom, gave a presentation titled "Horological Heresy" - Verge & Foliot, What the ‘experts’ don’t want you to know, or even hear about.  The meeting was held at the Gresham Historical Museum where the Meier and Frank Clock is displayed.  This department store clock is maintained by our Chapter.
GM for S. Barden

Christmas Party

On Sunday the 14th of December, our chapter got together for our annual Christmas Party. All of us enjoyed the choice of red or white wine to accompany our dinner.

After dinner got underway and we were waiting for dessert, our President, George Matto, brought us up to date on events the Chapter is involved in. There will be a meeting for the Regional that our Chapter is responsible for at George’s home. We will be meeting at the Beaverton Library in January at 2:00 PM. The Board meeting is at 1:00 PM in the same room. Once the Chapter business was dispensed with we had our door prize drawing. On our banquet tables we had two pots of poinsettias to be carried off by the winning table occupants.

We also had drawings for some very nice clock reference books and some other items to be taken home.

We then bid our farewell to our friends having had a lovely dinner and a prize or two to take home with us.

Report by Shirley Barden, Secretary

January 11th, 2:00PM --Regional Planning meeting---all are invited.  The next Regional planning meeting will be at the Matto's, Call for directions--503-807-5101
January  18th, 1:00PM--Council Meeting--Open to the Membership--Beaverton Library
March 7 & 8th, Promote the NAWCC and our local Chapter as well as demonstrate repair skills--see Jeff Eastwood at the next Chapter Meeting.

regional form

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