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February 2015

Dear Members,

We are entering a busy time for your Chapter.  The PNW Regional is coming up in May and your planning committee continues to meet monthly covering the various details that will assure another successful Watch and Clock Regional.  We are planning to include all the popular events that have resulted in the high attendance of the past Regionals.  These include:  A Mart Room that generates "energy" among attendees, a "Not so Silent-Silent Auction", our second Live Auction of of highly desirable watches and clocks,  Two formal technical Classes by two of the best known Horological experts and at least 6 short courses - "10 Miinute Universities".


Concurrent with the Regional Planning, Jeff Eastwood and several participants is undertaking an exhibit at the Palmer Antique Sale featuring Chapter 31 and the NAWCC.   You will be hearing further from your VP. Jeff Eastwood about the Palmer sale.  In short, the theme is “Antique Watches and Clocks”.  Your Chapter has available a 20’ X 30” space where tables will be available for selling clocks and watches, doing related  demonstrations  and most important, promoting the Chapter and NAWCC.  Plan to spend at least a few hours in March telling the story of Chapter 31 and why people should consider coming to a few meetings and possibly joining.  All the literature we need to distribute will be available to assist in this effort.


We are in need of topics for future meetings beyond the Regional in May.  If you have a meeting topic in mind call, text or e-mail Mary Elizabeth Harper-Cell. (619) 395-4332 or  E-Mail  You can also, discuss your topic with Mary Elizabeth at the next chapter meeting.


Your Council is reviewing the By Laws and any updates will be posted on our website.



George Matto

President Chapter 31



Future Meetings:  (Third Sunday each Month and more)


  Regional Planning Meeting

Feb 8th  at Matto house—670- SW Viewmont Drive, 97225, come and tell the group what has been done, what needs  doing and any help you require.  After that, only two (2) meetings before the Regional but that should be “no worries” for such a seasoned group as ours.  Thanks for all you are doing preparing for another successful regional.

   February Chapter meeting

       Feb 15thth, Beaverton Library-  Topic:  You will see a DVD  showing and describing the Horological items housed in the West Coast Clock and Watch Museum in Bellingham, WA.   The collection is more extensive than most of us imagined.  If you haven’t visited Bellingham and the museum, be sure to come to this meeting and view the collection.  Also, hear what is in store for the museum in the future.  The current location, to my understanding was to be temporary until a permanent location was found. 
SHOW AND TELL--Yes, bring your something from your own museum and share with your fellow members. 
Attend this meeting and also hear what is in store for this Museum.


 Palmer Antique Sale--Watch and Clock Theme
        March 7 & 8th at Portland Expo--including options for our members to sell, demonstrate repair skills and  mainly promote the benefits of Chapter 31 and NAWCC membership.  Plan to participate in any or all catagories by contacting Jeff Eastwood, Ch. VP 503-936-2895.

March Chapter Meeting

    Mar.  15th  Beaverton Library-- 2pm -- Topic: TBD

A New Years Resolution you can make and keep:  Its not too late to commit to participate in the activities of your chapter .  We could use your help in any time commitment you can make.  A few hours at Palmer Antique sale or at the May Regional.   Call me 503-807-5101 and we can discuss your available time and how you can participateOr just make a suggestion to Mary Elizabeth  619-395-5332 of a topic you would like presented at a future meeting.


. .

N.A.W.C.C.  31

Meeting of January 18, 2015 Report

The regular meeting of the members was brought to order by President George Matto at 2:35 PM.

George Matto gave a short update on the Regional Planning Meeting which was held at his home earlier in the month.  The Regional that we are hosting will be May 14, 2015.  The announcement should appear in the next National mailing.

The question was raised as to how many paid members there were. At the time of asking, the Membership Chair, Betty,  reported 43 paid members out of a roster of 70.

The Treasurer’s Report was on the web site.  The balance in checking was $12,213.16. The balance in the Regional account was $13,064.87.  There are expenses for advertising that are not reported at this time.

The minutes and reports by the Secretary are on the Web site.

Chairman George asked that members register early for the Regional so that we can project our budget more accurately.

Our Vice President, Jeff Eastwood announced the Palmer Antique Sales schedule. Jeff felt that it was an excellent opportunity to promote the Chapter.  We also need early registrations for this event.  The schedule is as follows:

Thursday March 5, drop and go

Friday March 6, Display all day

Saturday March 7, and Sunday, March 8 booths are also open all day.  The event is at the Expo Center.

PROGRAM:  KARAKURININGYO, An exhibition of ancient festival robots from Japan.  Our program was presented by Merl Snell. The power point presentation shows the detail of the restoration of these figures to working order as well as demonstrating how these century old figures functioned.

Meeting of January 18, 2015 Report

The regular meeting of the members was brought to order by President George Matto at 2:35 PM.

March 7 & 8th, Promote the NAWCC and our local Chapter as well as demonstrate repair skills--see Jeff Eastwood at the next Chapter Meeting.

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