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March 2015
Dear Members,
As mentioned last month, your Chapter continues on a busy schedule with participation in the upcoming Palmer Antique sale and May Regional. If you attended the February Chapter meeting you saw an excellent review  of the West Coast Watch and Clock Museum.  Copies of the Museum DVD will be available at the May Regional for a nominal price.  Planning is underway and still tentative, for moving the Museum to southern California, north of San Diego.  Bellingham is a lot closer and would be a road trip worth considering.  The Topic of the March Chapter meeting is “My Favorite Horological Reference”. 


March 6-8 --Chapter 31 will be manning a booth selling horological items, demonstrating aspects of clocks and watches.  We will also be promoting our May, Regional, the Chapter and NAWCC in general.  If you attend the sale and maybe find that item you are looking for you can then help out our volunteers at the Chapter 31 booth. If only for a limited time your help will be appreciated.


May 14-16  Here is your invitation to have a fun time: Come to the March  15th Chapter meeting  and talk to  Jeff Eastwood, VP, Chapter 31 who will be running the meeting.  Tell him that you would like to help with the Regional (May 14-16).

The Co-chair positions are already filled so now, we really need those who can make a limited commitment of a few hours or a specific day of the Regional.   Pick an area(s):  Red Caps-help table holders load in their items and limited security duty (badge checking).--Registration-handing out packets, Saturday-greeting the public,  Auction-help moving items prior to or during the auction, run the spinning wheel at Mart Central—All fun stuff while contributing to the success of your Regional.


George Matto

President Chapter 31


Future Meetings:
 Normally the Third Sunday each Month 2:00 pm—Beaverton Library

March Chapter Meeting --SHOW AND TELL-- Topic of the March Chapter meeting is “My Favorite Horological Reference”. 
March 15th  This is a Show and Tell opportunity to bring and show a reference book you find most helpful or just unique.   After “showing and telling” you will have the opportunity to place the item on the Mart Table for sale or take back home.  Bring your best references to the March 15th  Chapter Meeting

Regional Planning Meeting
Feb 8th  at Matto house was an opportunity to continue planning for the main event.  Many  significant decisions were made contributing to the success of the Regional.  The next meeting will be announced by Jeff Eastwood 

Palmer Antique Sale--Watch and Clock Theme
March 6,  7 & 8th at Portland Expo-- our members will be able to sell items,  demonstrate repair skills and show how clocks work but  mainly promote the benefits of Chapter 31 and NAWCC membership.  Once you find that antique you came for, plan to support us at the Chapter 31 booth.

April 19th Chapter Meeting
Beaverton Library-- 2pm -- Topic: TBD


N.A.W.C.C.  31

Meeting of February 15, 2015 Report

The regular meeting of the members was brought to order by President George Matto at 2:30 PM.

George read our correspondence.  We received a thank you note from Kris Freiermuth for the Chapter 31”s condolences on Leo’s passing.

There were no new members present nor any visitors or guests; 19 members attended.

George also spoke of the volunteer session that he, Al Pholpeter and Bill Butcher, and Bob Morris had with some staff members of OMSI.   They debugged several issues with the Oregonian clock.  Notes were taken by both George and OMSI staff members for the purpose of ending up with a repair/maintenance manual for the OMSI staff.

Jeff reviewed the particulars of the Palmer Antique Show at the Portland Expo Center for us.  It is being held on March 6,7, and 8 with a drop- off day which is Thursday the 5th of March from Noon to 6:00 PM. Jeff also reviewed the space allocated for our Chapter and started a sign-up sheet for the eight 8’ foot  display tables as well as Chapter table volunteers. The display tables cost $12.00 each.

George reviewed the Regional Planning meeting and said that we are current on the planning process.  He urged the membership to sign up as soon as possible so that the Planning Committee can better project budget needs.  We also welcome more volunteers to assist the Committee members at the time of the Regional.

PROGRAM:  A video presentation of the Bellingham Watch and Clock museum. We were fortunate to have two members present from Chapter 180 to update us on where the museum contents will eventually reside.  Right now the best offer for a home for this outstanding collection has come from Vista, California.  They have a wonderful living museum containing, tractors, steam machinery, gas machinery, and several buildings to contain everything.  They are willing to build a structure for the Bellingham clocks.  Chapter 180 would prefer to have the collection closer to home, therefore they are still entertaining offers.  The Chapter 180 visitors were Ron Kowalski , Treasurer, and Ernie Lopez, Curator.

March 7 & 8th, Promote the NAWCC and our local Chapter as well as demonstrate repair skills--see Jeff Eastwood at the next Chapter Meeting.

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