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June 2015

Dear Members,

All who attended can attest to the success of our most recent Regional, thanks to the many volunteers who made the Regional possible.  If you attended the Regional you know of the many quality presentations that were available at no charge.  We thank the presenters for their fine performance. The final wrap-up meeting is this coming weekend after which, we will be able to post the statistical results of the Regional. 

We are an organization of volunteers and the Regional is testament our ability to provide a first class event.  As a Chapter, we hold monthly events or Chapter Meetings which are intended to be of the same high quality.  Some of our chapter organizers are moving on from their active role.  Others are needed to step forward to fill those positions.  Input is needed for Future Programs, Workshop, Ch, Reports to the NAWCC Mart,  and Chapter Meeting venues.   A committee of two or three people in each category would be ideal.  Please contact me if you would like to participate in any one of these areas.  All suggestions are welcome. 

Check the “ Coming Meetings”.
No Meetings or Workshops are scheduled for the Fall--Yet!

Now is your chance to help move the Chapter in the direction you would like to see us take.

I hope to see you in June and August and otherwise continue to enjoy a great NW Summer!


George Matto, President, Ch 31

June 28th: Chapter Meeting, Beaverton Library-- 2pm
Show and Tell, "What I Bought At the Regional" or "Could'a, Would'a, Should'a.

July:  Summer Recess--NO MEETING

August (Date-TBA)  Annual Picnic--Annual Chapter Picnic at John Pohlpeters, Oregon City
A clock for musicians

Musicians Clock.

No May Chapter Report due to Regional
No Council Meeting or Minutes