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September 2015
All Aboard!!  

Yes, we need all members to be "On Board" even if we want to maintain the status quo.
If you want a sense of the where the NAWCC stands just read Phil Gregory's "Message from the Board Chair".

He touches on just a few of the issues facing our association and  the Chapters.  In a nut shell, with regard to chapters, social chapters are failing and educational chapters are surviving and possibly thriving.  We are lucky to have a good mix, in my opinion, of social and technical content at least in our chapter meetings that attracts many members and spouses.  But, right now we are in need of a few more people to step forward an pick up on some of the activities that keep the chapter functioning.  We will have this discussion  at the September Chapter meeting.

Phil also points out a topic that many of us have voiced--the current generation is not looking for more socialization.  If we are in contact with the younger generation at all, we see them socializing via there electronics.  In theory, we can attract them with educational programs.  But in my opinion, we need to increase the attendance of existing members and attract a few new ones before we embark on a stand-alone educational program.

Do we have an active membership now?  We sure do, as is evidenced in your conducting another excellent Regional this past May.
Phil Gregory ends his "Message" with a word about "change."  What changes would you like to see your Chapter 31 make?  Come to the September meeting.  Or, if you have a conflict, call me or send an e-mail.
Hope to see you September 20, 2015.

George Matto
Chapter 31 Monthly Meetings
When:  September 20
Time:  2:00pm
Where:  Beaverton Library

What:  Jeff Eastwood presents his latest Clock; a small tower clock movement.  He will discuss the construction. modifications to design.  Jeff will include lessons learned.  This is a clock movement from the book by John Wilding.
Show and Tell:  In keeping with the theme--share anything large or small that you have made.  If not a clock- a part, a tool, an attachment or missing item.

December--Holiday Dinner / Monarch
Thanks to John and Mary Pohlpeter for the excellent picnic and tour and their hospitality during our annual Picnic.
Turned out the weather cooperated and attendance was excellent--anyone take any group pictures?
If so, please e-mail to me for inclusion in the Mart Highlights for our year-end report.
Sad to Report--
I was sad to hear this past Saturday at godfathers the passing of Mike Daggett.
My personal contact with Mike goes back to the 70's in his clock store downtown Portland.  I was taking clock repair classes there with a friend because Mike had a repairman working upstairs named Mike Green.
The little girl who visited her dad there in the store was Mary Daggett.  All these years later it was Mary,  who helped advertise our 2013 Regional.  Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to visit with Mike before his passing a few weeks ago.  Our condolences go out to Mary, Mikes daughter.
GMatto for SB

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