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November 2015

Dear Members,

In an effort to have our monthly Chapter meetings meaningful and reflect the wishes of the membership we will continue this month with another “Impromptu Workshop”.  This month, our VP Jeff Eastwood, Bill Butcher assisted by George Kirkwood with his web cam so all can see the action of the lathes.  Others are invited to demonstrate some of the handy lathe techniques that clock and watch repair persons will find useful.    

Thanks to all who participated in the October workshop on “I could use some help with this clock”.                                                           


We are still interested in finding a location on the East side for some of our monthly meetings—any suggestions?  According to the Mart some chapters meet in libraries as we do, others in churches and restaurants.  Keep an open mind and let us know by any means.  Any location should have a projection screen.

The results of the recent survey were read at the October meeting.  Thanks to all who responded.  Your participation will help us chart the course of our chapter for the future.


Be sure to go to the website and download the Christmas “Holiday Party” form and send to Kris Freiermuth along with a check for the number of dinners.  If you see that Pay Pall is available for this event, send a copy of your sign up to Kris and note paid by Pay Pal.  Also, if you bring a check and the form you can turn it in at this Sunday’s Chapter meeting.

Respectfully submitted

George Matto
Chapter 31 Monthly Meetings

When:  November 15
Where:  Beaverton Library 
Time:  Suggest Arriving, 12:50 --  Doors open 1:00pm
            1:00  Impromptu Workshop--
                   Operations you can do on a small lathe
            3:00 A brief meeting followed by Show and Tell: your "An Interesting Horological item"--too large to bring?  E-mail or bring a picture or, send to           

December 20th--Holiday Dinner / Monarch watch for the flyer and prepare to pay by check or better use PAY PALL when the announcement appears on this web-site.

January 17th-- Beaverton Library, Watch for announcement.

Holiday Party


Dues are due for 2015.  The dues are stilldues

only $15.00

        Mail to Betty Chisum 465 SW Eastman Ct. Gresham OR 97080
        or bring it to the next meeting.

Use your Credit/Debt card or Pay Pal Account by pressing the button below.
. . .
N.A.W.C.C. 31  Meeting of October 18th, 2015 Report

The regular meeting of the members was brought to order by President George Matto at 2:00 PM.
Treasurer’s Report: Next Month
Membership: Holding steady and gaining.  Members can now pay their membership by Pay Pall

Nominating Committee:
  No one, except for the Presidency, and Treasurer Volunteered for any of the remaining offices.  Since the election is in Feburary we need to have YOU, the members consider taking an office for a couple of years.

Questionnaire Results were read as follows:  20 people responded--George Matto thanked those who took the time to do so.
1. Monthly meetings--19, monthly; 3, ok with odd/even months; 1, suggested skip June and July.
2. Where to meet:--12, Beaverton Library; 7, Beaverton Library and a 1/3 mtgs. Eastside Location; 3, somewhere where a meal; quarterly?
3. Chapter Meeting content--Variety is fine; 11, topics like the topics; 9, include show and tell; 1,teach basics.
4. Future presenters--1, miniatures; several, restore
5. Christmas/Holiday dinner? 16 Yes; 3, no.  At least, 1 schedule conflict.
6. Develop Future Meeting Topic--2, Yes; 3, no!!  Approximately 20
7. Pay 1/2 workshops--7, $25; 3, $50 incl. lunch; 1, $50 all day, lunch on own.
8. I would attend workshops on these topics: Case Restore, clock repair, Dial Restore, Lathe Operation, clocks and watches, use of tools, wood works.
9. Your main interest--7, clocks; 4, watches; tools, all old miniatures, collect, buy/sell, repair, history.
10. Chapter Meetings, like dislike--Buy/sell, location, length of meetings, Travel, all things mechanical, education, some topics too advanced.

Today's, meeting was started early to allow for members to bring in clock projects that needed problem solving or items for discussion.
1. An Ingram Clock with a weak strike.
2. Steve Lobel Brought in a Korean Clock that needed adjusting but one suggestion was to just replace the mechanism.
3. Tom Hammond showed a wheel cutting engine complete with cutters.  Hopefully, Tom will demonstrate this important device.
4. John Bailey surprised us with an Elliott mantle clock.  Some of us have seen the heavier Elliott tall case mechanisms but not one of these small mechanisms.
5. There was a Carriage Clock with a substantial "T" key.
6. David Noall described his project restoring a Vienna Regulator clock case.
7. George Matto showed a mechanism and rudimentary repair he had done in the early days of his repairing clocks.  George also showed the results of a recent restoration of a tall case bonnet that its owner damaged trying to move his tall case Scottish Clock.
8. Robert Gordon, a new member suggested educational possibilities.
9. George Kirkwood showed a New Haven clock and promised to bring his web cam for the November meeting for close viewing of lathe work.

The next regular meeting is on the 15th of November but not in the usual room.  We will meet in the "Lobby" meeting room of the library.

Respectfully Submitted,

Shirley Barden, Secretary

Clock Class: for health reasons, Roger Alexander is no longer able to continue teaching the class on a full time basis. The class is given under the auspices of West Linn Parks & Recreation. President Matto suggested that members volunteer to be responsible for one week a month.The Class Meets on Tuesday night from 7:00 to 10:00 PM in West Lynn.
It was suggested that we establish a central location for a clock class, bring back the raffle, show basics using you tube.

The next Regional is coming up in 2016 and it will be in Tacoma watch for further announcements and plan to participate.  The Morano Hotel is an excellent venue so plan to attend.

Godfathers Group:  An opportunity to learn and share in an informal setting but it is early! If you are up to early morning meetings, the “Godfathers” meet at 5:00AM at Denny’s on the corner of Scholls Ferry Road and Hall (not in the Mall).  Those early risers bring STUFF to talk about and not always but mostly horological.

NEW Member
Trevor Smith  Collects Longcase clocks, Lantern Clocks and British Horology.  He repairs, restoration, history and technical interest

Our NAWCC Pacific Northwest Chapter 31 is in need of volunteers.  Some are elected positions and others volunteer, but without your help, our chapter is falling behind.  I have outlined our needs hoping you would step up and donate a few hours per month.

Elected Positions:
President Jeff Eastwood
Vice President OPEN
Secretary OPEN
Treasurer David Noall

Program & Publicity OPEN
NAWCC Mart & Highlights OPEN
Raffle & Door Prizes OPEN
Chapter Event Photographer OPEN
Please consider helping, only a few hours per month is needed.

Terry White 
Nominating & Elections Chair


The daughter of a past NAWCC member would like to sell the clock.
Arrangements can be made to see the clock which is in Molalla, OR.
If interested, Please contact 

George Matto