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December 2015

Dear Members,

This is a great time of year.  No worries about lawns going brown and reservoirs running down and lack of water or electricity.  Did you say high water?  Yes, watch what you wish for. I wanted more firewood and now there is a small dump truckload in our front yard awaiting the new chain saw.  Hope you get all you wish for and not too much more. Marietta and I look forward to recreating those special moments and times that we enjoyed growing up.  Events like our Christmas Eve crab feed which now includes grand children who love crab too.  We wish for you and your families, Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year.


Holiday Gathering:  Reserve December 20th at the Monarch Hotel for our annual Christmas event including a delicious Dinner, Mart Table, Entertainment and the return of the Drawing for Horological Books.  Be sure to send your Reservation form to Kris Freiermuth to reserve you place at this joyous annual event.  Bring your items for the Mart Table—Chris Loders did a brisk Mart business last month.


Workshops prior to our October and November meetings drew a good number of members so more workshops will be scheduled on a periodic basis. “Watch the TimeOut” for announcements.  Thanks go to Bill Butcher, Jeff Eastwood and Tom Hammond for sharing their skills.  The mini-camera provided by George Kirkwood proved to be helpful in projecting the details of small scale machining.  Thanks George for the effort. 


Bill Butcher offered the following as a reminder of his pivot refurbishing: “An engine is only as good as its worst bearing.   Paying close attention to pivots, resurfacing as needed, followed by burnishing on the jeweler's lathe will improve the performance of your clock movements”.

Jeff Eastwood said, "A small engine/screw cutting lathe is easy to learn to use and a very useful tool for many clock/watch repair and building tasks; such a lathe is usually the same or less in cost than a watchmakers type lathe."  And Tom Hammond offered,   "Turning with a Graver (1)  It is very versatile and effective, and not that difficult (2)  One can make an excellent graver from a HSS lathe tool bit -- see Bill Smith's instructions on the Sherline web site (3)  The height of the tool rest is important(4)  Practice makes (more nearly) perfect.

Help Wanted:  This recurring theme is important for each of us to consider.  Maybe you don’t want to be Vice-President of the chapter but there are many other supporting roles to be filled.  Program coordinator and Co-chair, entails getting a topic and speaker for only 4 or 5 meetings per person.  Secretary takes notes for monthly meeting activity report and minutes of any Council meetings and a second person can cover for the first.  Monthly Book Drawing  is an item that several members mentioned in the recent questionnaire.  We have the resources to purchase quality books especially for the Holiday Gathering and we receive some quality books from members.  A Drawing coordinator could run the drawing on just, odd or even months.  This is our club and there is a part for each of us to play—what part are you playing or, willing to play?

Respectfully, George Matto, President

Chapter 31 Monthly Meetings

January 17th and February 21—2:00pm Beaverton Library, Topic TBD.

March 20th  (In the planning stage)  Field Trip to “Remembering Time” Steve and Susan Ford’s Spring making and Clock Repair business.

April:17th  Eastside location and topic -- Chris Loders to advise.


May:  Pacific NW Regional—Tacoma, WA, Hotel Morano, same as 2014

December 20th--Holiday Dinner / Monarch Hotel and Conference Center.  Please pay by check with your reservation as indicated on the flyer below

Holiday Party


Dues are due for 2015.  The dues are stilldues

only $15.00

        Mail to Betty Chisum 465 SW Eastman Ct. Gresham OR 97080
        or bring it to the next meeting.

Use your Credit/Debt card or Pay Pal Account by pressing the button below.
. . .

Secretaries Report


Our November meeting was another “Workshop” type event with a brief Chapter meeting following.

There were three work / demo stations set up to show three distinct operations that one could perform on a small lathe.  Bill Butcher demonstrated “Refurbishing Pivots”; Jeff Eastwood, Chapter VP showed basic turning techniques using a lathe and cutting tools; Tom Hammond did some impressive work wielding a “Graver”


President George Matto, conducted a brief Chapter meeting.

No minutes were read, refer to the Chapter website.

No Treasures Report

George reminded the membership that there are several positions waiting to be filled by members—Program Chair and Assistant; Publicity, Craigs List could use 1 or 2 more members highlighting upcoming meetings, also the Oregonian and neighborhood papers.

Jeff Eastwood commented that the Vice Presidents position is not all that demanding and invites anyone to come forward.

We were reminded to print and fill out the Chapter Holiday reservation form; copies were also provided.

Copies of the Chapter Dues form were also provided.  Dues can be paid by Check or by Pay Pal on the Chapter Website.


The Holiday Party details are as follows:

Monarch Hotel, 12566 SE 93rd Ave, Clackamas, OR 97015

1:30 pm Mingle / Mart Table Available

2:30 pm Dinner -- $20.10 per Person

Respectfully submitted, Shirley Barden, Ch. 31 Secretary n

The next clock repair class will be held at:class 

erst linn

Stafford Primary School, West Linn,
19875 Southwest Stafford Road, West Linn, OR 97068
Starting January 12, 2016  [10 weeks]
Tuesdays 7pm to 9.30pm
Reservations through West Linn Parks and Rec  Fee $60/$65
Easy practice clock movements available to work on to help get you started.

Our NAWCC Pacific Northwest Chapter 31 is in need of volunteers.  Some are elected positions and others volunteer, but without your help, our chapter is falling behind.  I have outlined our needs hoping you would step up and donate a few hours per month.

Elected Positions:
President Jeff Eastwood
Vice President OPEN
Secretary OPEN
Treasurer David Noall

Program & Publicity OPEN
NAWCC Mart & Highlights OPEN
Raffle & Door Prizes OPEN
Chapter Event Photographer OPEN
Please consider helping, only a few hours per month is needed.

Terry White 
Nominating & Elections Chair