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May 2015
Dear Members,
As you read this latest Presidents letter, we are less than a week away from the 2015 Pacific Northwest Regional.  Dates are May 14-16 and the location is the Monarch Hotel and Conference Center, just off Hwy 205 and South of Sunnyside Road.  This is shaping up to be a record Regional with all tables sold before the event even gets underway.  The Regional Theme Display is based on the Banjo Clock design and includes several versions of rare Banjos.

But unusual for an antique clock display will be CE, Ed Beacham's III, "new"  Girandole Banjo Clock.  You will not only see the clock on display but also, a complete layout of all the parts and components that complete the clock.  Almost every item is designed and manufactured in Ed's shop. In addition to seeing a finished case, the case components will be displayed giving us a glimpse into the craftsmanship that goes into making a high quality clock case in which is housed the 8-day weight driven mechanism.  You will be shown the many unique features that make this latest "Beacham Clock" a collectors item even before the production lot is complete.

What else? On Friday, 1:30 to 2:30, Ed will be giving a presentation describing the making of the Girandole including the mechanical challenges fo designing and manufacturing a mechanism on such a small scale.  There you and other attendees will have a chance to get answers to your questions about this latest Beacham Treasure.

Saturday's Class will be from 11am to Noon and will be given by Stephen Nelson on the topic of heat treating.  Stephen is known for his in depth treatment of  any of his subjects, many of them are published in the "Bulletin" as "Tid-Bits" and this class will be no exception.  You can count on learning a lot in a short period of time on a "pretty hot topic".  There will be many "take aways" from this class, be they safety tips or clues to recognizing when you have achieved the desired heat treated product.  As in baking, under done or over done" is not a desirable condition.

Now it's your turn to take action and attend the Regional.  If you do and can make a book contribution at the same time please do.  We would like a few more quality used books for the drawings at the Regional.  If you have a few books worthy of the drawing bring them to Mart Central when you enter the Mart Room.  Thank you in advance.

George Matto

June 28th Chapter Meeting, Beaverton Library-- 2pm
The 4th Sunday
NOT Fathers Day

Topic: Show and Tell "What you bought at the Regional Mart or Auction and the fun you had in the process".

July 19th Chapter Meeting, Beaverton Library-- 2pm  TBD

August  Annual Picnic--Date and location to be finalized

                                                                                  Chapter Meeting Report April 19, 2015
We preceded the meeting with a Regional Planning Meeting in order to continue the flow of planning details for the upcoming PNW Regional.  The three day event will be patterned after the 2013 Regional with adjustments made where necessary.  All positions of responsibility have been filled but we needed to solicit additional help from the chapter membership.  We have more Red Caps than past Regionals.  The Chapter meeting was well attended with 35  including 2 new members.  No Report was read from the previous meeting nor was there a treasurers given D. Noall was out of town.
Member Steve Ford and Justin Crawford (works with S. Ford at Remembering Time and is a new member) presented an interesting topic involving the use of digital cameras in their work.  Their business involves the repair of Clocks, Music Boxes and fabrication of Specialty Springs both large and small.  Steve pointed out several valuable benefits of the digital record in the work they do.  First they have a record of the item as it arrives in the shop be it in good or poor condition if needed to present to the shipper and the same applies to outbound shipments.  One of the valuable aspects of the digital picture of the item needing repair is that some conditions can better seen in the picture than the naked eye.  Once the "condition" is discovered it can then be dealt with rather than having gone unnoticed.
Following the meeting more Regional topics were discussed and Steve and Justin volunteered to join the group who are taking in the Auction items on Thursday and Friday.  Their camera and computer ability will be welcome along with Chapter photographer Josh Smith.

Respectfully Submitted,
grm for Shirley Barden