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March 2016


Dear Members,

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.  It is important enough that you vote that this could be the full extent of my comments this month. The ballot is on this website so no excuses!  Results will be announced at the April meeting.

The other item in need of your attention is the sign up for the March luncheon meeting at the Monarch Hotel which is March 20.  This will be another interesting meeting.  Several members are going to present some of their best "Tips or Tricks" they found useful in the repair or restoration of clocks or watches.  Topics include "how to", "where can I get a replacement part or who can repair it", "what is the best method of restoration" etc.  Several members and a guest speaker will make the presentations.  You will want to take notes at this special meeting.

Your Chapter is supporting the Pacific NW Regional with a $100 donation into their general fund as approved by your Council.  The Regional is in May and therefore there will be no May meeting for Chapter 31.

Rod Lloyd continues to do an excellent job of mentoring the group of students who attend the clock repair class in West Linn.  I make occasional appearances to offer my own experience to the newbies in the class.  This last week, your chapter treated the class to Starbucks finest decaf coffee in light of my bending their ear about the chapter on a one-on-one basis.  Next time I plan to take 5 minutes from class time to explain the Chapter.  A constant feature of my visits has been to distribute past bulletins in the hopes of generating interest in the Chapter.

Respectfully, George Matto, President

Chapter 31 Monthly Meetings

March 20th --1:00pm Monarch Hotel Lunch / Meeting "How I Did that--"  RSVP on the convenient Flyer 

A unique or interesting  repair or restoration.  Participants get to show/brag about a unique find needing repair or a restoration involving one or more skills to accomplish.  Any presentation method from Power Point to bringing the actual item. If  Power Point bring it on a CD or Stick and/or your own laptop. 
Phone or e-mail me to reserve time for your "How or What I Did"    FLYER

April:17th -- Beaverton Library or alternate Location. Steve McGowan will present the amazing things you can do with CAD software.  I got a glimpse of what Steve will present.  The complex structures and details are something you won't want to miss even if you never intend to use Computer Aided Design. 

May:  Pacific NW Regional—Tacoma, WA, Hotel Morano, same as 2014 but even better--Plan on attending the Mart and get some Good Stuff and plan on attending  the presentation on the Antikythera Mechanism.  You can brush up on this topic by referring to August 2010 Bulletin and the article by Dr. Tony Freeth.;  there is also a video on this website:

June, July: TBD Field Trip
to “Remembering Time” Steve and Susan Ford’s Spring making and Clock Repair business. August Picnic, September 1st planning meeting for the 2017 Regional

August -- Annual Chapter Picnic

Dues are due for 2016.  The dues are stilldues

only $15.00

        Mail to Betty Chisum 465 SW Eastman Ct. Gresham OR 97080
        or bring it to the next meeting.

Use your Credit/Debt card or Pay Pal Account by pressing the button below.
. . .
NAWCC Chapter 31 Elections 2016

It is once again officer election time for NAWCC Chapter 31.  Note there are two elected positions that need someone to step-up and help, remember this is your chapter and help is needed.

Please check or write-in your selection for each of the four positions.  
Make your selections then either return the ballot to my home address via parcel post, or E-Mail your ballot as an attachment to: TCWHITE@CANBY.COM.  Terry White at 9480 S. Gribble Rd., Canby, OR 97013

Chapter Ballot Click Here
Better check it out, your name may be on the list

Please consider helping, only a few hours per month is needed.

Terry White 
Nominating & Elections Chair

Kris Freiermuth has agreed to again take up pen and paper and take on the role of Chapter Secretary--thank you Kris.
Anyone with photos of the past 6-months of meetings are welcome to send same to Kris for posting in the Mart Chapter meetings section.


The next clock repair class has just started at

erst linn

Stafford Primary School, West Linn,
19875 Southwest Stafford Road, West Linn, OR 97068
Tuesdays 7pm to 9.30pm
Reservations contact rod
Easy practice clock movements available to work on to help get you started.