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October 2016



I hope you are all enjoying fall so far (yes, not that many sunny days...). Much of my time, along with George Matto's, has been spent on
brainstorming what we can do for a Regional this year. He, I and VP Robert Gordon met with Christine Palmer two weeks ago and discussed how a Regional held at her July show in 2017 might look. Please note my use of 'might'; at this point we are researching options for the Regional, not plowing ahead with any plans set in stone. Subsequent to that meeting, Ms. Palmer made us a proposal that makes the finances of such a Regional quite clear, along with what her organization would be responsible for, and what services provided, and what we would have to take on. I believe that George will want to talk about this at our October chapter meeting.

Here again is my take on the Regional question:
- From discussions during last month's chapter meeting, it's clear that there are two main opinions: 1) We should go ahead with our traditional Regional at the Monarch; the Palmer option has too many downsides, and the attendees/exhibitors won't like this change. 2) Palmer is worth trying; it will significantly reduce the workload on the chapter, and is a better venue for advertising the NAWCC and our chapter to the public, and a public that is pre-disposed toward interest in collecting and antiques, and, from our previous experience exhibiting at Palmer shows, have a LOT of clocks they need repaired.
- We can do the traditional Monarch based Regional if we have the people to fill the various committees and do the necessary work. If we don't have those volunteers, then we either have no Regional at all, or we can try the Palmer option (I have listened to the suggestions for reducing the workload of a Monarch sited Regional, and while they are valuable suggestions, nothing I've heard so far makes much of a dent; but keep those ideas coming!)

Speaking of volunteers: my thanks personally, and on behalf of the chapter, to those that have been coming forward to volunteer for Regional roles. That's how we will get'er done.

In the shop: after proudly showing off my 290 tooth wheel last meeting, I found a flaw in it: one wide tooth next to one narrow tooth. Dang! Well, starting over did not bear thinking about, so instead I though a lot about ways to repair it. The most traditional way I guess would have been to cut out the offending teeth, leaving a dovetailed slot into which a piece of brass would be silver soldered, and the two teeth re-cut. I came up with several alternate schemes, not wanting to put my poor silver soldering skills to the test on this particular piece. What I came up with:
- Mill off the two offending teeth, leaving a square edged slot about 1/16" into the rim.
- Using a 1/16" end mill, mill a slot along the circumference of the slot previously milled. To visualize this: the first slot was cut from front to back across the wheel; the 2nd slot was cut into the bottom of the 1st slot, parallel to the sides of the wheel.
- Cut out a rectangle of brass and mill a nub on the bottom that fits closely into the 2nd slot, and is almost as wide as the 1st slot.
- Loctite this insert into place.
- Drill a hole crosswise through the rim and through the nub, and ream for a taper pin.
That was the initial idea, but I did not really want to depend that much on Loctite, and just the one pin would probably not provide enough stability if the Loctite let loose. So, two more holes for taper pins were made, both overlapping the joint between the insert and the rim. With taper pins installed, this provides a lot more stability in all axes.

The fun part was to get the wheel back onto the rotary table and everything adjusted so that the two new teeth would be cut in the correct place. Bottom line: turned out pretty well; and a vast improvement on the original bad teeth.

Why yes, I do build clocks for fun; why do you ask?  :-)

Hope to see you at our 10/16 meeting,

Jeff Eastwood
Chapter 31 Monthly Meetings

Starfish Clock

October:  No speakers/presenters have signed up, so let's do a free-form "what have you been doing lately
?" session. Also, bringing an object of interest is always a fine thing.
We are likely to talk about options for the upcoming Reg

Location: Beaverton City Library

12375 SW 5th St, Beaverton, OR 97005
Mart 2pm;  Meeting 2:30pm

The West Linn Clock Class has started again.  For more information or to enroll go to

Club members are invited to come and assist as a mentor when ever you have time.

Students [and other interested members] should click here for fall homework [Video]



erst linn

The next clock repair class will be at:

Stafford Primary School, West Linn,
19875 Southwest Stafford Road, West Linn, OR 97068
Starting October 4, 2016 for 10 weeks
Tuesdays 7pm to 9.30pm
Easy practice clock movements available to work on to help get you started.