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October 2012

If you are attending the monthly Chapter meetings at the Beaverton Library, you know that the presentations have been excellent.
Kay has an interesting meeting planned for October when anyone who has purchased a watch or clock can tell their story.  Check out the details and plan to participate.

Our organization is only as strong as our members whether attending meetings on a regular basis, making presentations or helping support the organizations activities with drawing ticket sales, refreshments or a supporting role during the Regional or its many planning sessions.
For my part I'm making progress, albeit slowly in getting us public exposure at the OMSI.  We have the volunteers, all we need are dates and topics that will become the demonstrations we can show the public concerning the many aspects of clock and watch collecting. 

The Regional planning committee met again and hammered out a schedule of events that will result in the best Regional ever. 

Look for more workshops in the coming months---I'm told that the normal Oregon weather will return eventually.  When it does the workshop committee should be putting forth opportunities for spending a Saturday inside learning some valuable aspect of horological interest.  If you have ideas for the team or a need to learn, contact Terry White, Mike Robinson of Stephen Nelson.

More of you are actively involved in the workings of our club than I can recall from the past--thanks to each of you.  Specifically, I want to acknowledge "webmaster Rod" for his excellent work in maintaining this website--please take a moment to check the various tabs in this Newsletter.  Rod has assembles an impressive bibliography of time related topics from history items to parts stores and more.  Thanks Rod Lloyd!!!

If you were not aware, we have a new Hero among us.  Diane Drake let me know that Paul is doing fine in his recovery from kidney surgery.  You need to know Paul didn't need the surgery, he volunteered to give one of his kidneys to a friend whose kidneys were failing.  Both are recovering as you read this.  Way to go Paul!!.  (could be a pun there someplace)  We wish you congratulations and a speedy recovery--you still have a job to do when Diane says you are up to it.

George Matto
Chapter President
Chapter 31 Meeting: October 21, 2012 at the Beaverton Library
2 pm: Mart     2:30 pm: Meeting


Show and Tell:
The theme is clocks or watches: (1) the "Real Find" or (2) the "Basket Case" that you fixed.

Share your story with us.  Why you chose the "Real Find" or the "Basket Case" item and what intrigued you about it?  What lessons did you learn in the process of acquiring it, fixing it if necessary, and the features you now look for as a result of this experience?  Would you buy it again?
If the clock is to fragile or to big to transport, bring a large picture or just a description. 
Out of that experience what would you advise the person new to clock collecting.

Through sharing our collective experience, we will be better equipped to advise that person new to clock and watch collecting where to start.


Chapter 31 Meeting: November 18, 2012 at the Beaverton Community Center, 12350 SW 5th Avenue, Suite #100. Beaverton Oregon
40 parking spaces and additional handicap parking are available
2 pm: Mart        2:30 pm: Meeting


Presenters: George Matto assisted by Terry White
We hope you will leave asking more questions by presenting less than you wanted to know and but more than you already knew about Military Pieces

Holiday Flyer
Until you value yourself, you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it. 
M. Scott Peck


Your Regional Planning group met again and came up with a theme of Black Forest Clocks.  For the interest of the public, that will include Cuckoo Clocks. After a detailed proposal it was concluded that we will do an auction at the regional next year.  Bob Arnold  is heading up the effort and he and his team will be in need of help when the regional rolls around. 

It should be a lively event with Dan Horan of Schmitt Auctions presiding. At the last Chapter meeting by a show of hands many past Red Caps agreed to help with the security not only during the table holders "load in" process but take a stint at manning the door during mart hours.  Dan Miller is again coordinating the Red Caps and security and will appreciate everyone pitching in with some time.

There are many other activities planned for this Regional that should make the best attended in recent times and the most interesting and fun.  Check out the ad that will be going into the Mart--many contributed to its final, final (yes there were a few) form.

The next Regional Planning meeting will be at our home on Nov 9th,  Between now and then, anyone who has an activity with financial impact should get quotes or an estimate of the dollar amount and bring that information to the November meeting.

Regional Chair

All that really belongs to us is time; even he who has nothing else has that.
Baltasar Gracian

Welcome to two New Members

Edward Mitchell lives in Beaverton and has been a Watchmaker for over 60 years

Jeff Taylor also lives in Beaverton and his interests are GE/Telechron electric clocks [collects and restores]

Your greatest resource is your time.

Brian Tracy

                                   WE NEED YOU             

                              TEN MINUTE UNIVERSITY


Do you have Horological knowledge that you would be willing to discuss with others? We are going to have the Ten Minute University again at the Regional in May. We are in need of volunteers to give presentations on any and all types of Horological information. The presentation will be scheduled into 45 minutes periods therefore yours could last from 10 to 35 minutes with question/answer time at the end.


The presentations can deal with any type of Horological information. Some ideas are: Glass Cutting, Cleaning movements, Cleaning Clock Cases, Repairing Clock Case, Starting a Collection, Different type of clocks or Watches that are collectible, What to look for when purchasing a clock, or a quick appraisal guide for clocks. This is a short suggestion list! What others can you think of?


If you have a topic and would like to be on the list, to schedule in, for Friday and/or Saturday, at the Regional, please e-mail me at or call 503-557-1477.

 Thank you,

Mike King          

Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.
Peter F. Drucker


No report this month

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