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Leo & Kris Freiermuth

July 2012
Well, things are really heating up and not just the weather.  Your Watch and Clock Chapter 31 is as Al Pohlpeter would say, "rolling full steam ahead.  Your Council met again prior to the June Chapter meeting and as you will read in Kris Friermuth's minutes continues to work on the "to do list" of action items.  Mark your calendars for the 2013  Regional  Planning kick off meeting  at the  Matto  residence,  August  5th  at 1:00pm.  We have heard of no one putting forth a replacement so we expect "all hands on deck" for this first meeting.
Your Chapter VP., Mike King continues to develop a clock relationship with Oregon City venues to further the public exposure of our Chapter.  Thanks to Terry White, the Chapter Directory is in the works to be updated and printed. Workshops are not a thing of the past; in fact, Terry White and Mike King are joined by Stephen Nelson as ringleaders for future workshops.  They are planning to do at least three (3) workshops between September and March (1 per quarter) probably at the Monarch Hotel on a Saturday.  We are seeking a publicity person who will want to develop contacts with the local Radio TV and Newspapers.  If you have any of those contacts or wish to serve in this capacity please contact me.
To all who have freely given of your time in the past we owe a great a thanks for your many contributions to the Chapter. One such person is Mary Gonzalez.  I am glad to report that Mary is making progress in her treatment and is looking forward to once again attending Chapter meetings.  In the meantime we all wish her our best in her continued recovery.
It appears that it will be a great turn-out in Sisters, OR for the July Chapter meeting at Beacham's Clock Shop. If attending, call 503-807-5101) or send me an e-mail.

There will be a MART at the picnic so bring your Stuff!!
George Matto,

Chapter 31 Meeting,  July 22, 2012 

Location: Beacham's Clock Shop
                 300 W. Hood St.
                 Sisters, Oregon

Meet at:    meet at in the grassy area behind Beachams business 

BBQ:       Hosted by Ed and Kathi Beacham
                 Meal will begin at 1 pm

Bring:       Yourself and spouse or guest 

Chapter     Provide Soft drinks and water

Members: Bring a dessert or fruit for a few

 PLEASE RSVP BY JULY 15TH TO George Matto,  Either e-mail or phone.  Call: 503-807-5101

  We will have access to his shop and be able to view his latest masterpiece - An Astronomical clock patterned after the Prague Clock. The oldest astronomical clock was built in 1410.  Beacham's has created and completed a replica of the Prague clock.  He has done it all-- from making the plans, constructing the parts, building the cabinets .    

And if you have the "time" go early and take in:

Antiques in the Park — Saturday & Sunday, July 21 & 22, 2012
Silent Auction benefiting a charity to be announced. Located at Sisters City Creekside Park, on the corner of Hwy. 20 & Jefferson Avenue. Saturday 10 a.m to 5 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information contact Richard Esterman at 541-549-8905 or e-mail 
Sisters "Glory Daze" Car Show — Saturday, July 21, 2012
Awards ceremony 3 p.m. Any questions e-mail or call 541-549-0251.

Chapter 31 Meeting:  August 19, 2012   at the Beaverton Library 
2pm Mart, 2:30 Meeting.


Wheels and Wheel Cutting
Tom Hammond will teach wheel cutting to fix or replace wheels.
A mechanical clock is essentially a timer and a gearbox.  Whether we are making clocks from raw materials or repairing and restoring damaged ones, sooner or later a situation arises where it would be useful if we could make replacement wheels.  To do this, we need to know a little about geometry of wheels and pinions, which Tom will cover at a very basic level.  Then he will show some alternatives for how one might carry out the cutting of a wheel in a relatively modest workshop. The methods range in complexity and expense from the simplest, using only hand tools, to the more rapid and precise (and more expensive) approaches with lathe and milling machine setups.

Sisters Flyer
Council Meeting Minutes – 24 June 2012

The June Council meeting of Chapter 31 was called to order by President George Matto at the Beaverton Library in Beaverton, OR. Meeting was called to order at 1:21PM

Present:  George Matto, Kris Freiermuth, Terry White, & Tom Hammond. A quorum was not present. Guests:  Leo Freiermuth, James & Mike Thorp.
Old Business:

Because a quorum was not present we discussed the following matters:

Leo Freiermuth announced Arnold Weiner had passed away in May.

Education:  A discussion concerning having a larger room for the Workshops as well as scheduling them 4 times a year.

Action Item:  Kris F. will contact The Monarch Hotel to find out about having a larger room.

An analog movement has been recommended by Mike Robinson for the M&F clock.
Public awareness:  A discussion regarding possible ways of making the public more aware of Chapter 31 & their projects.
Action Item:  Kris F. will contact a friend at the Oregonian & see about the possible interest for Science section/Living.
The meeting was adjourned for the Mart and Chapter meeting.

Respectively submitted,
Kristen Freiermuth, Secretary  
Portland Chapter 31, NAWCC 

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